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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by BillyNoMates, Apr 23, 2011.

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  1. Whilst searching the Interweb for HMS DAUNTLESS BFPO Number, this site popped
    up. Worth noting for all the old and bold and anyone who may be interested. It seems
    to have been hanging round the net for more than ten years! (There seems to be a
    few people searching for their "birth fathers" - so I'd tread carefully if you recognise
    any former ships/places/runs ashore from years gone by).

    Armed Forces - Navy - Missing You - the most comprehensive UK missing persons website - free help to locate lost friends, relatives, pals and family
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  2. I put in the skippers name off the Albion and had a reply from six love children....the dirty (lucky) old basturd...
  3. Type in "f***y off the Hood" there are thousands looking for him. lol lol lol .
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  4. Taff Miles? You out there? Remember that run ashore in Gib? All Welsh RR members
    check your backlog of memories...especially cookie boys who were on the Ark.

    Here's one pasted at random. He trapped, ragged, bagged and shagged - now he's being looked for:-

    Hi I am looking for my Biological Father Robert Miles born in wales (don't know exactly where)he was born in early 1970's (he is probably 38-40 years old), he used to work in the royal navy (Ark Royal) from my understanding as a cook during the 1990's, he came to Gibraltar (where I was born 30/6/91)and met my mother Glenys (nee williamson)...I beleive he has a sister called Jean. please if you know his where abouts or any information please leave me a messsage
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