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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by MadSeasider, Jul 22, 2013.

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  1. Having a few swallows last night and the dits got onto Lossiemouth and a local thug who use to take great pleasure in slapping around young sailors with his gang. Whilst I was at Culdrose I'm sure I heard a buzz that the then Skipper cleared Lower deck and told the ships company they had 24 hours to sort it out. Anyone up there at this time ?
  2. Just a rumour, the same story was told about HMS Collinwood and several other establishments.
    There were some local yobs around in the 60s. one of them consisted of a gang who went by the name of Staigo. Seems that they chalanged a bunch of Glaswegiens to a fight. The Glasgow gentlemen sent two of their members to Elgin where they got off the train kicked the shit out of Staigo, then caught the train back to Glasgow, however I wasn't thete and believe that this is also a fairytale.
    What is true though is a certain POAF had a daughter who brought home one of these youths, the young man started boasting abour the damage that they were causing in the area. The POAf immeiately kicked the twat out of his house and kicked the shit out of him. Seems that the Po was not happy with some damage that had occurred to his car.
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  3. Like Slim, heard the same or similar at CU and a few ships, Albion (old) springs to mind.
  4. How long do these old chestnuts last?

    I went to Raleigh in 1963 and this is the story doing the rounds then.

    Seems that a wren had been put in the family way by a sailor.
    Now at that time Wrns quarters were over a footbridge and a sentry used to be placed at night.
    The wrens decided that revenge time had come and persuaded the sentry to leave his post and go with one of their number for a nice time.
    The sailor being normal (No gays in those days) took up the ofer.
    Once out of sight he was set upon by a bunch of wrns and his trousers removed. they took it in turns to masturbate him until he eventually was shooting blood.

    Now this was in 66 gos knows how long it had been doing the rounds as it was alwys just a few weeks ago.

    My question is when did this tale stop?
  5. I heard the wrns/matelot wanking one only it was at Dolphin that it occurred, this was in 1977. The jack taking on the civvy gangs I was always told happened in Pompey when all those in Nelson went ashore to take revenge for skate bashing that was rife in the area (that bits a gen dit btw). This was in 1976.
  6. One tale that was true. I was there when the skipper did it. Didn't involve gangs, unless we are talking pissed off service wives!!

    Culdrose early 70's. Heston traders used to hike up prices around pay day so the wives would have to pay more. Wives club dripped to captain. Skipper put on busses to surrounding towns and not to long the chairman of Commerce or whatever his title was approached the captain and it was agreed prices would not change.

    Hardly thugs and whole ships companies being allowed to sort local thugs out.

    The press would have had a hey day and skippers would have been hung out to dry!!

    Ya gotta love a good dit though!!!!
  7. Similar to your's Waspie but the (then) Commodore of Raleigh laid on regular buses into Torpoint and back because the taxi drivers were charging Jack an extortionate amount to get from the ferry to Raleigh. That caused ruptions amongst the taxi drivers and Chamber of Commerce. Neptune's been running a bus service for years now for the same reason.
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  8. Unfortunately my mate Scouse will be unable to comment on the Wanking of the sentry as he was a StVincent rating. If he had been at Raleigh though I feel sure that he would have volunteered for his turn on sentry duty:blob8::blob8::blob8:then complain cos he had been unlucky
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  9. FFS a bus service! In my day you walked back summer or winter, it's a lovely stroll along the lochside.
  10. In your day Finks, there wasn't a Naval base there, just woad covered natives shouting at each other.
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  11. The Raleigh wanking story was doing the rounds in 62 Slim.
    The Helston Bus story was also doing the rounds in the mid 60's. I never met any one who had been on the said buses though??
  12. That is really generous of Neptune to help out at Raleigh. Considering the distance and all that.

    Regarding the Commodore dit, I heard that his daughter got charged what he considered too much one night, what with him being short of a couple of bob, so he did arrange for buses to take the trainees to the Ferry, hence persuading them to go over to Guz with the consequent loss of trade in Torpoint.

    Cheers Dave, the town has never recovered.
  13. I do believe the daughter bit is the gen dit, as for Torpoint losing trade from Raleigh, I hardly think Wheelers or the Harbour Lights noticed the difference, or indeed the shops, which were shut by the time the troops got ashore.

    The ones who noticed the difference were the robbing taxi drivers who lost a lot of trade and got what they deserved.
  14. A similar one that does the rounds in pongo circles goes a little like this:

    A battalion of Welsh Guards (or some other unit of taff decent), are stationed over in Deutschland. Taff goes out shagging one night, traps eine Frauline and ****s her senseless.

    Some weeks later eine Frauline realises that she is up the duff. Turns out her old man is the local chief of police, he is livid, clearly bad things are going to happen.

    The chief of police goes straight to the RSM with the lads name, demanding that he be handed over. Of course, the RSM obliges and the entire battalion is mustered on the parade square. (What do pongos call a clear lower deck?)

    Keeping a straight face throughout the entire proceedings, the RSM explains the situation to the lads before barking: "Guardsman Jones, one pace forward march!"

    At which point about 30 lads step forward.

    Gen dit that, I heard it off the Chogi man in the NAAFI flat on the massive.
  15. One that really is true:

    When I was at Collingwood, we had the first batch of Network Rail apprentices who were also there, I think Network Rail were paying the mob to put them through tiffs course. We called them the Railway Children. Obviously there was some tension, and inevitably a fight broke out over a bird.

    One night a few Railway Children spotted the matelot who'd been ploughing said bird, at a bus top in Fareham and gave him a fairly nasty shoeing, resulting in a broken rib or two.

    By way of revenge any Railway Child who was spotted in a pub or bar off base would receive some quick but brutal lower deck justice. Eventually they all stopped going ashore through fear of getting battered.
  16. And probably a few years before that Crash, however what I am really interested in is when did the dit stop (what year)
  17. As for the wanking story Slim, as I said, it was Dolphin where I heard it and where it allegedly occurred. This was in 1977 so it must have been going after that, maybe it's still doing the rounds?
  18. Well that sure isa great many years of sailors wanking

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