Loss of Writers in RNR Units

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by fullasternboth, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. Am hearing a nasty rumour that all Writers (SR & JR) will be gone from RNRU's by Feb 07, leaving us to fend for ourselves with JPA, Div Paperwork, mess accounts etc. Anyone have any info?
  2. afraid its true.ours go before that date and the new computer system will take over.you will still have a civvy admin assistant and the rest of the psi's but you will have to sort most of your paperwork out.your unit should be sorting some training out to work you up on how to use the new system.
  3. May I say that it is unlikely to be a great loss, at least we can input our training etc and get paid in time. How many times have we whinged that pay is not forthcoming for two months after ORT?
  4. FlagWagger

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    Hmmm, anyone want to give me odds on JPA working in an RNR unit (that has its DII implementation date shifting right at a rate of 2 days delay / day elapsed)?
  5. Sorry but your comments are quite naive!

    Who is going to maintain the database in unit, as in add new entries, update ORT carried out, remove those discharged etc., or process paperwork for requestmen, hold cash account for advances of pay etc, administer Div Docs, administer mess accounts, run budget controls on pay and travel budget? The list goes on.

    If you have a pay query you phone a helpline? Personally I would rather talk to someone face to face. If you think the new system will be better because it claims to pay you quicker-crack on. All the evidence to date suggests JPA has MAJOR problems.

    (Currently from a pay point of view, there is a cut off point for inputing pay docs at about 20th of each month. In practice if you put in pay forms before 20th Jan it will be in Feb’s pay, after 20th Jan it will be in march’s pay.)
  6. Hear Hear!

    I've also heard that the Help Desk for JPA will close at 1900 so not much "help" for us attending Drill Nights. I've always found the UPO's Chief Writer to be the font of all knowledge and extremely helpful - not just the current postholder in our unit.

    The trouble with JPA is that it is geared up to provide a service to the regular forces - not the reserves. I suspect any snags we encounter will take a back seat.

    There again, time will tell!
  7. Despite having critisised PSI's in the past we'd be fucked without them.

    Yes SOME of them go home (VERY) early on a friday (and every other day of the week).

    But when they are there they do do alot for us that i personally wouldnt fancy doing for myself.

    PS. our current PSI's are tops, very helpful.
  8. I have been in the RNR for the past 18 years and the amount of mistakes made to my pay etc can be counted on one hand. Not bad I would say. I think we are going to lose a very important cog from our wheel when we lose the wtrs because who else are we going to have as a point of contact that we can go to when things turn tits up. Without a doubt it is always far better to be able to discuss things face to face than to try and get it done on these machines. We have a CPOWTR and WTR at our unit who work hard for us and will be greatly missed when they eventually go. Mind you it will probably be a good idea to keep their seats warm for when the MOD decide that the new JPA system is not going to work and decide that having people in its place was probably the best way after all. It won't be the first time!.
  9. I dont understand why they dont employ civilians to do the PSI's jobs. Theres no doubt that an RN senior rate has more contacts and understands how the RN works but surely replacing them with civvies is better than not replacing them.
  10. I hate to say it but the JPA helpline closes at 1700, so not much use to man or dog. As for its geared up for regulars ask the poor sods in iraq and afghanistan who cant phone anyone because of the time differences (crabs that is so far) but will soon effect us. Also heard on grapevine that the army and navy are refusing to accept JPA until all the f**k ups encountered by the crabs have been dealt with. As for DII being implemented in the distant future i wouldnt bet on it. Try Elvis reappearing for a hit no 1 next week. better odds :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. May be a trivial point but my concern is who will take role of the duty fit bird......traditionally a role for the wren writers... :twisted:
  12. a beautifull old civvy bird. Three teeth and webbed fingers 8O

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