Losing weight at Raleigh

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ollie123, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone seen anyone who has gone there loose alot of weight?

    With severe restrictions on your diet, and the amount of exercise you do it wouldn't be surprising.

    I'm just a little curious, cheers guys.

    Obviously, you need to be fairly fit to beable to get in.
  2. I have been told that you will loose weight you never knew you had. :smile:

    But i wanner loose the extra weight i do have 1st :thumright:
  3. Yeah you will loose weight. In my 4th week at the moment. You eat 3 large meals a day plus a 4th meal at 19.00 ( Nuitra Grain Bar and bottle of lucozade)

    But with the amount of Marching, Doubling, PT, Swimming and general fitness that you do, loosing weight is a definate. Even when you get your pass to the Naffy and start Junking out everynight people still seem to be staying trim (weel most of em :))
  4. There are NO severe restrictions on your diet at HMS Raleigh; you will simply be eating plenty of good food at the right time instead of stuffing your cakehole with crap all day like you do at home! Take the opportunity to get yourself fit and trim and try to stay like it for the rest of your life, which will be longer and happier if you do. And remember when you leave Basic Training you will need to cut down on the calories because you're exercise levels will reduce. Lecture over! Enjoy your time in the Andrew.
  5. On leadership at Raleigh I ate every meal available and raided the NAAFI (Dread to think the number of calories consumed daily) and still lost weight.
  6. Unlikely Wardmaster, I am joining as a Diver.
  7. you can join as whatever you like ollie, you're still eating the same as everyone else in your entry.

    I personally put on weight at raleigh, nearly a stone, though I was a skinny ****** when I got there.
  8. I think he's commenting on "you're (sic) exercise levels will reduce".

    As a diver he will still be required to maintain a high standard of fitness.
  9. 4 weeks of seamanship after he passes out before going to collingwood, it's not a demanding 4 weeks.
  10. Over the course of his career he will need to maintain a higher fitness standard than average. Not rocket science.

  11. Mate i think you mean be able. We can all pick up on peoples typing errors :thumright:
  12. Especially so, if English is not your first language. :w00t:
  13. Oh ye gods!
    What to wear? which bag to take? will I lose weight? will my arse look good in lycra (nobodys does by the way)..
    It ain't fuckin* Butlins, and from my memory ain't a 'boot camp' or some daft 'reality' programme on TV. You will NOT be required to be superman and the regime is not agin you.
    You'll just have to keep yourself neat and clean (difficult for some I know) and be at the place you are supposed to be 5 minutes before you are supposed to be there.
    If you have been reasonably disciplined in your life so far then there should be little or no problem.
    That in a nutshell will be it!
  14. Done a survey have you??, or is this just your opinion ??

    I, for one love to see ladies in Lycra, bet there is a few more on this site think likewise.
  15. Ah crap if anything I need to put on weight, It's no fun for us skinny guys!
  16. Would you rather see said lady exercising in a black lacey thong or purple lycra? Just out of curiousity you understand. ;)
  18. Ooops! cock up on the quoting front...
  19. Back in the days of yore and the Leander class, the RN was proud to advertise that most young men gained weight whilst in training.
  20. Very true Sussex.

    I was 5' 2 and weighed 7.5 stone when I joined and,
    when I finished training, I was 5' 9 and 10 stone.

    Now, aged 70, I'm still 5' 9 and 10 stone.

    No complaints.


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