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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by jacobday, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. i have a marines aquaint coming up, however it is not my selection one just a test of where my fitness was at. I'm hoping to lose a few pounds by then, anyone got any advice on training/meals?
  2. A Paleo diet, Fartlek, functional circuits and no lager. Job done.
  3. Hmmm you're fat and you wanna be a marine ?...feckin hell !!! you'll be tellin us you're female next !!!

    Tip...More training and less meals..its ain't rocket science !!!
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  4. firstly- i'm not fat, i just struggle with pull-ups and have been advised weight loss may make it easier! secondly - i don't want to be a marine i want to be an MCD i'm going on the aquaint to give me an idea fitness wise
  5. lets lay off Jacob, he seems gen.. not like NMC/Welchy at all.

    Oh, and Jacob, you already know what to do. Keep it under 2000CA a day and bean it at eh gym all you can. If you struggling with pull ups get some Bicep and Lat exercises in. I recommend seated rows and barbell curls. Don't' forget your anterior deltoid plays a part too so shoulder exes will help as well. Any form of rows or french press.
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  6. thanks for the advice chop, i shall get on it! also i'm definately legit, passed my diver medical and have my PJFT in 3 weeks time.
  7. My advice remains extant. A paleo diet will supplement your training and aid losing weight. Fartlek will dramatically improve your running and functional circuits will improve strength and cardio. Include pull ups in your circuits and with that advice you'll be a beast in no time.
  8. i have started fartlek training and circuits for a number of weeks now, however never heard of paleo diet before! did some research and what i gathered it sounds like something i may try! thanks alot.
  9. MCD and marine fitness is pretty similar, my careers office believed it to be a good indication of how my training is going seeing as i have my diving aquaint in january!
  10. It works, but you have to stick with it. Try a strict Paleo diet for 30 days and see how you get on.
  11. jacobday, MLP's advice on the diet is sound, my mate is a personal trainer and he really is keen on this diet, he uses it on his clients and he has great feedback and results.

    He just states you need to think about it and remain focused, just like any other diet.

    Good Luck.
  12. well going by what the chief petty officer at my careers office said, assuming the PJFT and interview go well he wants to push me through and has me down for an aquaint at the beginning of Jan.

    Thanks for the advice on the paelo diet, will definately give it a go then!
  13. Had the full body MOT this year, final bit was exercise tolerance test on the treadmill and got to the third stage which, according to the 2 techys conducting the test was akin to fell running, sweating like a pig as there is no breeze to keep you cool and is a tad worrying as you see your blood pressure almost double. Not full Paleo but close to, BP stood up before test began was 111/75, 10st 6lb and I am 6'-1'', the diet works.
  14. Anyone in London need a work out buddy? Already passed my fitness test but want to keep fitness levels up while I'm waiting for interviews etc.
  15. I don't need a work out buddy, I don't live in London, and I'm not waiting for interviews. I am, sadly, shit out of luck.
  16. Well just break my heart then cnut!
  17. what the hell is Fartlek training....aside from the purile school boy giggly element cos its got the word fart in it
  18. Jacobday losing a bit of weight may help with your chin ups, however doing more chip ups will work better (IMHO) try cracking as many as you can then using a stool/chair or something to hop urself back up over the bar and resist gravity pulling you back down. Failing that and you have access to a gym crack your sets then use a lighter than bodywieght setting on the lat pull down machine to crack a few more! you'll improve them in no time.
    You have had some very sound advice on here ref maintaing and improving your fitness all used together there should be no stopping you.

    Now excuse my ignorance because i'm assuming the system has changed....but wtf is a Marine Aquaint when its at home?
  19. Fartlek method we used to use was 80-90% effort run for a given distance/time followed by a jog for the same given distance/time or if you had a big enough troop out just normal speed in two files and rear men sprint to the front jog till they become the rear men again then sprint Oh the fun!
  20. Walking, Sprinting and adding hills or an incline can burn 180 calories in 30 minutes,
    Bicycling and Swimming of 30 minutes can burn 400 to 500 calories.....

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