Lorry overtaking ban on motorway

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Very true
  2. Fine and dandy, but it won't help for at least two other categories of feckwit who cause at least as many delays as truckers, namely -

    1. Caravanners
    2. Those who seem unaware that when climbing a hill, it is accepted practice to either push on the accelerator or downshift gears or both!

  3. Ditto mate , used to wind me up whenever I drove up to Newcastle , I'd get to the A1/M half of which is 2 lanes & bang theres fxxxxxxxxg lorries , caravans & every other bloody sort of vehicle that cant get the speed for the inclines & so hold up the rest of the traffic , I am not against lorries at all , did my HGV/PSV as resettlement , so have a high reguard for the job they do , but something needs trying out to sort out the hold ups on our roads which are a nightmare at times , :roll:
  4. Unfortunately there is no test for common sense within the driving test overall......
  5. They are tring it on a strech of the A14 near me to
  6. Here's another one - idiots who sit in the middle lane of a motorway with nothing in the slow lane. What the Eff is that all about?
  7. No test at all of Motorway Driving , ????????
  8. Caravans have no real reason to be on the roads, they should be banned between 6am and 8pm.

    Morons who drive the middle lane are sometimes rather amusing. Ever had one where you see them coming up, nothing behind you for miles. You pull out to over take a line of lorries/coaches with nothing in the 3rd lane and the middle lane muncher sits behind you all the way until you pull back in and THEN they over take

    Is it me ?
  9. Its about time it was made a nationwide ban,the M11 is rife with this sort of behaviour.The Germans have had truck and caravan overtaking bans on certain hills for well over 30 years!
  10. I spend quite a bit of time behind the wheel of a 'bendy lorry' and agree with the theory but where do you draw the line, do they seriously expect me driving an empty truck who can go up the hill at 90kph (my regulated max) so sit behind a fully loaded brick lorry who is struggling to get up the hill at maybe 30kph :?

    Of more concern to me are the idiots who can't wait behind you for 10 seconds and would rather risk their lives and those of the people around you by overtaking then cutting into a sliproad at the last minute, :evil: usually necessitating some sharp braking (in most cases instinctive) from said lorry, from experience most accidents and congestion is caused by car drivers who don't give way, hog the middle/outside lane and generally have a poor standard of driving, the majority of HGV (I am not including white van man in his 7.5 ton go cart) drivers are professionals....it is their livelihood and profession after all.

    The other thing people should consider before slating Trucks is that 99% you buy is moved by trucks.........no trucks no modern way of life :wink:
  11. If it were up to me id take them off the road as far as possible and go back to the railways and canals!Cant truck drivers just wait untill they are over the crest of the hill then can actually exceed the 0.0000001 mph difference they have and stop hold in the rest of us up?I followed 1 truck for 3 miles before he decided it wasnt going make the manoeuver!!!Tit!(not you,him.LOL)
  12. Bunting
    Like many i would have no problems with the HGV driver who checks his mirror, and then if safe moves out and overtakes whatever is in front of him as quickly as possible.
    My blood boils however when the HGV indicates, pulls out without checking his mirror (or if he did check doesn't give a sh!t that the car he has just pulled out on has had to brake and drop his speed from 70Mph to 50Mph) and then proceeds to overtake at a paltry 2mph faster than the vehicle he is overtaking. This maneuver sometimes taking miles to achieve and even resulting in pulling back into the inside lane without actually managing to overtake.
  13. All very well but a couple of nights ago I came to a complete stop on our bypass because twats in lorrys were doing the no warning pull out and passing the overloaded lorry in front that was doing 20 at 20.5. The sting was that if they knew the road they were going to stopa mile or so on any way at the roundabout at the end, and every one else b*ggered up for the sake of moving one space up the queque. As for lorry drivers and white van man being professionals, well a lot of the car drivers are to, I was every bit as much a professional when I was a rep on the road, i needed just as much to get from A to B in a given time I had appointments to keep,and so on.

    A little bit of thought for other, the impact of your actions on others and what special benefit you will actually achieve by your actions and perhaps some car drivers might develop a little respect for the HGV driver.
  14. Ambulances sometimes do this if they've got a patient in the back. The inside lane is often rutted due to the HGVs and an ambulance riding these ruts can cause motion sickness in patients.

    So if you see an ambulance in the middle lane they're protecting the patient, not driving like a twat.

    Hey, every day's a schoolday!
  15. They need to ban Nissan Micras from the outside lanes…

    "I wonder why all those trucks are tailgating us Doris?"
  16. totally agree with you on this one and they speed up when you over take them on the outside lane whats all that about numptys
  17. The laws should be extended to include no tractors/jcbs on the roads during the rush hours in the morning and at night as they cause no end of trouble too
  18. Never mind the outside lane, ban them from the motorway and all A roads.

  19. Or........


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