Loris Karius: Death threats to Liverpool goalkeeper looked into by police

Merseyside Police says it is aware of death threats made to Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius after the Champions League final.
The German, 24, and his family were the subject of threats after his two mistakes helped Real Madrid to a 3-1 win over the Reds in Kiev on Saturday.
Karius was in tears at the final whistle and apologised to fans.

"We take social media posts of this nature extremely seriously. Offences will be investigated," police said.
"Officers are aware of a number of comments and threats made via social media.
"Merseyside Police would like to remind social media users than any offences including malicious communications and threatening behaviour will be investigated."

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And your opinion on the news article is?

Mine? When you watch the pantomime-esque attempts to prevent two of the goals it seriously makes one wonder whether the keeper was in receipt of a bung. When I was in primary school, I was stuck in goal because I was crap at football, but I was never that crap.

His bank accounts should be closely monitored.


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Ah! But which bank accounts, @Ninja_Stoker? The ones he has here and in Germany for sure, but what about the one in Luxembourg that he drives his spare cash to every Wednesday (but nobody is supposed to know about)?
I suspect the "death threats" are just a way of telling the Liverpool manager that no-one wants to see the clown between the goalposts again rather than anything to be taken seriously.
Having said that to some people treat footy like religion and firmly believe heretics should be dealt with sternly.
The beautiful game eh what?
Twenty five thousand quid a week until 30th June 2021. Bung/bribe not required.
I'd let goals in for five grand a week and save the club a few bob.
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