Discussion in 'Submariners' started by rod-gearing, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. just thought this might be of interest for anyone who has visited there.

    Uboat base
  2. Good Run ashore, Father Border lost his false teeth on the football pitch after a run when Noddy was locked up for nicking a local bus.
  3. We got turned back when trying to visit with HMCS/M Onondaga in 1978, turns out the locals aren't to enamored of Canadians due to the bombers that leveled the town and missed or couldn't scratch the pens during WWII, most were piloted by Canuks..... :(
  4. Had a very good run ashore there in July 98 whilst aboard the Nottingham. It was just after France had won the football World Cup and the French were above and beyond happy. Being a gooner, I was made to fell most welcome as Arsenal had Petit and Vieira in the team.

    Even the entrance into the dockyard was named 'Arsenal' :)
  5. We visited there in about 69/70 with a couple of A boats along with a couple of Dutch boats after some exercise. Good piss-up, but i seem to remember that the local frogs weren't too amoured with our presence for the same reasons, i.e. bombed to fcuk trying to smash the u boat pens. Went on a tour round them and are VERY IMPRESSIVE , Das Boot brought memories of the visit to life.
  6. La Pallice was the same.

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