Lords rebuff Mandelson call for Ashcroft inquiry

The House of Lords appointments commission has rebuffed calls for an investigation into Conservative donor Lord Ashcroft over his tax status.

Lord Mandelson asked for a probe after the deputy Tory chairman admitted he was a "non-dom" - so he did not pay UK tax on anything he earned overseas.

He asked them to see if the peer had met the conditions he was "required to meet" to be appointed to the Lords.

The commission said it did not have "retrospective powers" in this case.
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That’s rich coming from the Prince of Browness!
How many times did Mandy have to resign in the past? Twice wasn’t it?
He was parachuted into the House of Lords because Broon knew he couldn’t get him into government otherwise. :roll:
All of it stinks and no more mired than Mandy.Each party has donors with non dom status as all rich people avoid tax,the Labour and Libs don't have much to stand on, it's just that Paxman,Snow and the others seem to hammer the Tories more than the rest.
Left leaning liberal media,at least on the box,not that I care,they are all mostly crooks that's why over 200 are leaving.Good riddance I say.

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