Lord West-Our Security Saviour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Seaweed, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Lord West of Spithead

    Contrary to false rumour, Lord W is listed today in the Daily Telegraph as a Parliamentary Under Secretary at the Home Office. As I understand it, as the only peer on the Home Office list, he would be responsible for getting all its business through the Lords - ID cards, GCHQ email interception etc. plus any other things the Home Secretary ('Jacqi' Smith)may dream up in her bath. This is a lot more commitment to the Labour whip than just being an adviser on security.
  2. Re: Lord West of Spithead

    A bit like the pretty boy former Guru (Csar) on drugs --appointed on £140.000 plus his £ £73,000 ayear Chief Constable Pension He upped his pension for a few months and buggered off.Never to be missed.
    The dear Admiral Lord West has done the same. Mind you he can sign on each day in the Lords and then immediately bugger off and collect his travelling and overnight expenses together with his Attendance Allowance.
    Worth every penny surely?
  3. Re: Lord West of Spithead

    :pukel: Oh GOD!!!!! what have you done Seaweed........

    You have given Norman the platform he wants. ^_^; Please abandon yeh all hope who read this. Norman is on the loose
  4. Re: Lord West of Spithead

    Like Lord West--Abandoned!!
  5. Re: Lord West of Spithead

    He's been appointed as the most junior Home Office PUSS to date, lying under Alan Campbell and Meg Hillier. I still find it strange to think of Lord West as a PUSSy. ;)
  6. Re: Lord West of Spithead

    Care in the Community it doesn't work. I keep saying to them, "Norman is not fit for human contact" but Browns liberal PC mob keeping saying "f*ck that he's not staying here anymore"
  7. Lord West- Our Security Guru ( on £156.000 a year atop his Admirals pension) has told the Lords ( An additional £373 a day) that Terrorism is with us and will affect all of us and that he has been able to do little against it.
    Who could have guessed that?
    Worth every penny for such erudition and forsightedness.
  8. We could ALL have made that statement, however nobody would have believed us as we are not charging exorbitant rates for our statements :w00t:
  9. I feel so sorry for Lord Head of the Split West. The poor man's doing his best. ;) :roll:
  10. For the money he is collecting a dozen of us could do our best :w00t:
  11. Perhaps Nutty, First Marquess of Mazarron should take over? :thumright: :w00t:
  12. That's his best?
    God help us.
  13. Now, now DH! Whilst I'm sure Viscount Slim of Maltesedogshoot could do a much better job, he's currently writing his memoirs: From Sprog to Admiral: the life and times of Slim, lover of lesbians hater of political hasbeeans.
  14. DH wrote........
    That's his best?
    God help us.

    Come on, He's only a simple sailor
  15. His best? God help us
  16. A bakers dozen I suggest.
  17. Re: Lord West of Spithead

    Not sure I understand that." Norman not fit for human contact" The Huguenots might be disinclined to agree.
  18. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Lord West topics merged to one threda.

    One of him is enough for any navy.......
  19. True but we are paying him obscene amounts for doing What?
  20. Re: Lord West of Spithead

    And what, may i be brave to ask has 16th century french protestant refugees got to do with you be a complete prat??? :thumright: Or are you saying you are of French descent :pukel: which would explain alot of things.

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