Lord Roberts' Valet: new book on Afghanistan just out

Did information operations aid or hinder the tactical perspective of the Afghan campaign?

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Lord Roberts' Valet is the story of the information operations campaign in Kandahar Province from 2011-2014. The author spent three years working with the US Army and puts the whole campaign into context, with never-before told detail from the White House to the frontline.

'Lord Roberts’ Valet is a no-bull description of modern-day soldiering. Most only ever dream of the moment—Lord Roberts’ is the next best thing to being there.’ — General Patrick Kidd

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Available on Kindle, Amazon, Nook, Kobo and iBooks

Any extra input on information operations much appreciated for the follow-up volume, which discusses where the campaign should now focus.
Critical reviews of Lord Roberts' Valet:

Lord Roberts' Valet is a no-bull description of modern soldiering. Most only ever dream of the moment - Lord Roberts' Valet is the next best thing to being there.'
General Patrick Kidd, Afghan veteran
'Thank you for capturing the real stories and the lessons we will ponder for decades.'
Colonel Beth Neill, Afghan veteran
'This is a book that anyone who expects to serve in a foreign posting working with or for military forces should read. It is particularly useful for practitioners who work in any of the fields related to strategic communications, but is also a funny and sad primer for anyone interested to know what it must be like to work for a big organization.'
Colonel Brett Boudreau, Afghan veteran
'An excellent addition to any library.'
Ricky Phillips, military historian
'If you read one book on the war in Afghanistan, make it this one. You will read no other like it. It’s not just recollections of headline violence, combat nor distant pontificating from academia. Abigail, as a civilian working closely with the military, was smack in the middle of it and she had the longevity and initiative to deeply ingrain herself into the war machine in Kandahar and get to know the Afghan people, the military actors and the dynamics of the war. She explains in detail the rights, the wrongs and general craziness of the conflict. For those that were there (myself included), it resonates. For those not, it will open your eyes. Read it.'
Eric Sutphin, Afghan veteran
This book is a well-crafted and unique view of the Afghan conflict through the eyes of a self-styled chick-in-the-back-of-a-helicopter-gunship. Abi had an important role to play but the beauty of this book is its eye-witness account of a foot soldier of history. As a civilian at the heart of both British and US forces in Afghanistan who also rubbed shoulders with the generals and politicians, she has made great use of an extraordinary viewpoint. She shared the highs and lows, the fears and exhilarations, the laughs and the grime of grunts and squaddies. But she was also granted a peek at the policies and strategies of the campaign, and sets the whole thing in the context of the earlier history of Afghan campaigns. Written as an unpolished, bar-room chat, it’s Andy McNabb meets Henry Kissinger. The book is a great read for anyone interested in modern soldiering and the Afghan adventure.'.
The 'Mail On Sunday'

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