Lord Mayor's Show


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Re the Lord Mayor's Show yesterday, and hoping no-one noticed the RN (?RNR) marching which was beyond bimbling except for the guard, the second band to appear was playing a tune I only know as 'Seated in the Dockyard Church One Sunday Afternoon'. I couldn't sing along with it as my grandson was in the room ..

Does anyone know what that tune's proper title is or was before the RN got hold of it?

.. the organist came down the aisle, the organ on his back ..
if it looked like the non-guard part of the RN contingent were bimbling, it's bcs they were told to. they were there to chat to the crowd and hand out gizetts, and generally put a more accessible face to things.

bring on the 'unmilitary'/'unprofessional' comments :) - whatever, it's a light-hearted show and a chance for PR and reruitment.

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