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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by MasterChief, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Anyone from KA OR Wildfire helping make up Presidents guard in this years show ??? i hear there are some guard gaps that need urgently filling, PM me for details
  2. FlagWagger

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    Serious question.... why is it only President and Wildfire that take part in national prestigious events such as the Lord Mayor's Parade and the Festival of Remembrance?

    I have been lucky enough to be at the Albert Hall for the FOR (I spent a couple of years at President in the mid 90s) and it was one of my proudest moments in the RNR. Surely it wouldn't be a major drain on units' budgets to allow one JR of each sex from each unit to attend the FOR with nominations for SRs and Officers being made by the units and objectively selected somehow.
  3. As it is the Lord Mayor of London i would have thought the answer was fairly obvious ????. KA Wildfire are always invited to send bodies and i would imagine that President would happily accept trained guard personnel from other units. President is adopted by the City of London hence they have the right/Honour to arrange the guard but not exclusivity over guard members.
    I say again PM me and will be happy to pass on names of volunteers from anywhere, however with travel budgets being tight units may be reluctant to allow personnel to attend.
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Granted for the Lord Mayor's Show, but neither President nor Wildfire had been affiliated to the RBL the last time I looked so the argument that only London units should attend the FOR each November is weak.
  5. PRESIDENT XO wrote to a number RNRU offering slots at RBL and Lord Mayor's Show and has done for a number of years, and the silence is amazing.

    If you want to take part, you will be welcome, just get your PS to talk to PS at PRESIDENT - don't complain - do something about it - no one will do it for you!
  6. First I've heard of that!

    The silence is not amazing, the Permenant staff do not promulgate it, I have said this many times.
  7. Almost got you some Northerners a few years ago. Some of us ended up representing the RN insted. Problem is all our people are commited to attend Remembrance Sunday the next day.
  8. Our unit has trouble getting its own guard for Remembrance. Funny how people ALWAYS have an excuse, even though we all know EXACTLY when Rememberance Sunday is every year. Even those on shift must have ways of requesting specific days off. Just bloody excuses and it gets my ears whistling steam!! :evil:

    Otherwise I'd love to take part in Presidents parades for them, but I suspect they've got more than enough ratings to cover it......
  9. We've been suffering the same problem, even after a clear lower deck and an email to the unit.
  10. Like Rosina says, can't even muster 25 for Rememberance ourselves, mind you getting 25 with square rig is the hardest. Does it have to be JR's though. I'm sure there are plenty of Senior Rates and Officers out there who wouldn't mind taking part in a mixed Platoon, After all there's no discrimination for those that we are remembering.
  11. I once saw a photo proudly displayed in our unit of six (yes six!!!) ratings marching at remembrance.

    I was disgusted to put it bluntly. i've only ever missed one remembrance day parade and thats cos i was at raleigh for my ORT.

    There wasnt a single officer or senior rate in the platoon.
  12. From a unit that is supporting TWO major rememberence parrades and 4 local events we could not assist any other units.

    What is wrong with remembering those who went before? God forbit but would You want to be remembered for your contribution?
  13. From a unit that is supporting TWO major rememberence parrades and 4 local events we could not assist any other units.

    What is wrong with remembering those who went before? God forbit but would You want to be remembered for your contribution?
  14. Nice phot froggit.
  15. Never mind the quality feel the width. mines a large gin
  16. You lot are having problems. What's up with people these days? We get more than 6 to our ROC Remembrance Parade in Cranbrook each year. In the RNXS at President we never had a shortage of volunteers - though I must admit, we did have a shortage of volunteers who knew how to march properly! :lol: There were those who though the order Ho! meant they had to do gardening watch... :wink: We used to participate in both the Lord Mayor's Show (LMS) (a great day out, I can tell you - on your feet a lot though) and the Royal Abbert Hall FOR.

    I cannot understand why people don't want to participate in these things. The LMS really is a great day out with plenty of opportunity to meet lots of different people across the Forces, and the coffee and sticky bun at the HAC was a welcome start to the day (would have preferred cocoa though). Lunch is provided, or at least it was in the 1990s, and it's great showing off your marching to an appreciative public, even if to an expert's (POGI's) beady eyes one was 'barely satisfactory'. :oops:
  17. Bloody right mate. I don't know how those reservists who don't do it can look in the mirror. Just shows how little respect they have for the sacrifices of others (including Germans, Italians, Japanese and dare I say Iraqis) who fought and died in the defence of their country. Damn outrageous. Sh1t my PRV's gone again! :evil: (Pressure Relief Valve for the non-technicals)

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