Lord Lang "Bus Drivers, Waitresses and ORDINARY PEOPLE "

:censored:I do not usually bite;- but; this time I have hijacked and hot wired the outrage bus and flooring the pedal to the metal. This cnut says "Bus Drivers and Waitresses and other people in unimportant jobs are not fit to sit in judgement on the business intrests of former ministers." ORDINARY PEOPLE " might be cowed by the prospect of dealing with former ministers and senior civil servants" F.F.S.:censored: This is the self serving parasite who fell for the Dispaches Lobbiest's for hire sting.I've never been a bus driver but I've kept the country running as a long distance H.G.V. trucker and Lesley worked as a barmaid while at university[B.A. M.A. Keel and Warwick] Nobody is ordinary, who defines the state? As for being "Cowed" by the prospect of meeting the great and the good.:laughing2: As a 16 year old junior I told my D.O that his policy of not allowing no.8 shirt sleeves to be rolled up was stupid. Then at the resulting Captains defaulters that "I'd been brought up to speak my mind and fear no man" I never mellowed. It goes without saying that this twat is a Tory. Boris Johnsons often uses "OIKS" Never let them fool you. Their mindset is set in stone.:censored:
At this point in time Tahrir Square in Cairo is full of 'ordinary' people......it seems even Gyppo bus drivers and waitresses can make a difference. :farao:
Now if he was in an elected position we could show him the door with a boot up his arse to help him on his way but we can't can we? It is beyond belief that there are still people out there who think the second unelected chamber is democratic, the mind boggles.
Nothing new. If you think about how many twats like him have been and gone throughout the ages. Best to ignore as im sure much of you do.

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