Lord Foulkes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by oberon, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Yesterday Lord Foulkes, the Labour peer who has spent a fair bit of time over the last 30 years consuming alcohol at our expense, said the generals who know exactly how many helicopters we need are 'giving succour' to the Taleban. Cut and paste the following message into an email and send it to Lord Foulkes at

    [email protected]

    "Dear Lord Foulkes,

    Shut it, you trough-guzzling pigman.


    [insert your name here]"
  2. Consider it done
  3. I can't believe the gall of a Labour peer lecturing the Chiefs of Defence and General staffs about loyalty.

  4. But isn't that the point - Lord Foulkes considers that the highest form of loyalty is to Gordon Brown and the new Labour machine not to his country?
  5. Does this waste of space not now who the Forces take an Oath to?
  6. Gordon will b binned and any one who who hastens to help will be respected
  7. Is this the same chap who was banged up in police cells for being drunk and disorderly?
  8. And the same who supported his old mate Pincher Martin as Speaker right to the end. A more detestable piece of New Liebour excrement there has never been......
  9. Oh, just treat the old drunk with the contemptuous disregard her deserves, after all, he Is a nobody who just happens to have been "Ennobled"

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