Looks Like Rambo Was Right

Discussion in 'History' started by Bergen, May 27, 2010.

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  1. Long isn't the word Bergan, could you not summarise it for us or even better produce a cartoon strip?
  2. Very interesting and quite disturbing.
    I see someone left the crayons out for some cunt to play with. :(
  3. Short version: "Not in the National (U. S. of A.) Interest."

    Crux: Politicians tell Porkies. So what else is new?
  4. I suppose the US authorities played the numbers game. Just keep quiet about the 1000 odd blokes left behind for political "stability" in the US.

  5. Insightful, playful, thanks for putting me right... :roll:

    Back on thread an interesting read but unsurprising given the way the big machine works...
  6. MIA/POW is a subject that has to be answered very very respectfully as there are many thousands of vets who are still very angry re Vietnam. Feeling brave just go to a Vet assocation here and mouth off!
  7. Good morning CG, I shall remember to consult you prior to posting to ensure I don't offend. Judging by your O2 tag your right to tell others how to express themselves and to offer 'advice' has been hard won.

    You will notice that my original comment was directed towards Bergan. It was a light hearted response to the length of the piece rather than the subject matter.The MIA issue and the US Government's handling of it is a very serious one that goes without saying (but thanks for the reminder). You'll be having a go at Bergan next for including Rambo in the title. This film character is one of the most parodied ever and, given this, you be telling me next it's disrespectful to be associating the issue with him.

    If you read back through any comments I've made on Bergan's posts you've notice I am supportive of what he has to say more often than not. He is obviously a very well read man; my quip was actually a back-handed compliment based on a put down of myself and others here who perhaps don't read as much as we should. Maybe your time out there in the land of the good, the short and the obvious has addled your ability to read between the lines.

    Have a nice day!
  8. Capt Lab I do wish you would stop using such long words mate. You know how it makes my head hurt!!! 8O :D
  9. And to think that the reason the US officially went to war in Vietnam, which ultimately claimed the lives of 57000 servicemen, was a fabrication.

    There was no second attack on the 4th of August against USS Maddox.
  10. No worries Lab - I caught your quip and understood it perfectly; unfortunately I have been too busy to reply. Here goes on a quick, down and dirty summary:-

    Jane Fonda photographed on NV SovBloc ant-aircraft gun which led to complete collapse of US Army will to fight. Therefore:-

    The USA lost in Vietnam.

    The Bringer of Light won.

    The Vietnamese asked for war reparations in the sum of $4b.

    This was at a time when a billion was a large number.

    Nixon and Kissinger agreed. but entered a codicil in the agreement.

    Uncle Ho smelled a rat and held onto a lot of US prisoners pending payment.

    The US Congress would not ratify the agreement and the US never paid the $4b.

    The prisoners were never released.

    A monumental cover-up proceeded apace.

    Jane Fonda becomes a multi-millionaire, marries Ted Turner and becomes a multi-billionaire but fails to achieve lasting happiness due to ongoing self-esteem problems caused by 2-deck dash.

    As Cornish Golfer points out - there is a lot of seething anger within the Vietnam Vet community to this day.


  11. Doesn't Jane Fonda fit into all this somehow?

    I'm sure I read something about it somewhere, can't really be arsed to look now, but she's basically a cnut.
  12. I'll edit my summary dreckly.
  13. Cheers. :D

    Apparently she also visited some US POWs and spat at them, when one of them tried to pass on a secret message for her to give to his family, she told the NVA guards which resulted in the prisoner being tortured.
  14. Which reminds me - Was JJ in Bradford recently??
  15. Shhhhh! No one has worked that out yet, I have been sworn to secrecy. Lets just say B&Q in Bradford has completely run out of black maskers, garden sacks and rubber gloves.
  16. I went into Bradford B&Q the other day, They'd sold out of fertilizer.
  17. Not quite true. Snopes.com: Hanoi'd with Jane

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