Looks like Invincible is off to Turkey

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by drewfester, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Found on MSN India

    Chinese bid for UK aircraft carrier fails
    KJM Varma
    Beijing, Feb 2 (PTI) A Chinese businessman has said he failed to win the bid to buy a junked British aircraft carrier put for auction in December last year despite offering double the expected price, claiming that his offer was turned down due to "political reasons".

    Lam Kin-bong a UK-based Chinese businessman from south China''s Guangdong Province offered five million pounds (USD 8.02 million), more than double the expected price, but still did not win the bid because the British authority said he "failed to provide all the necessary information."
    The light aircraft carrier HMS Invincible was decommissioned in 2005 and was stripped of engines and weapons. The 17,000-ton hull was sold on Disposal Services Agency, an online auction platform under the UK Ministry of Defence, Shanghai Daily reported.

    "I feel quite disappointed because I planned to turn the warship into a floating international school on the coast of Guangdong," Lam, 48, told the Hong Kong-based Wen Wei Po newspaper.

    A Turkish ship recycling factory won the bid at a price Lin said was far lower than his.

    Lam who runs a restaurant chain in Birmingham said he would continue bidding for other decommissioned warships on the online platform.

    Wen Wei Po said many suspected Lam failed the bidding due to "political reasons." But Lam said his intention was purely commercial.

    "My intentions are purely commercial and have nothing to do with the military. We convert it into an international school to help foster communication and cultural ties between China and Britain," he said.

    China till has no aircraft carrier and it is currently refurbishing an aircraft carrier bought from Ukraine in 1998, which will be its first such vessel.

    The aircraft carrier had served for 28 years in naval campaigns including conflicts in the Falklands, Iraq and the Balkans. The 500-metre-long warship could carry 22 warplanes and nearly 1,100 sailors.
  2. From the latest Maritime Books newsletter:

  3. T-H


    Considering what happened to the Varyag (the half-built ex-Soviet carrier the Chinese bought on a strict non-military use contract, which was painted PLAN grey the moment it got to China and is supposed to be nearing sea trials) I'm not surprised the Chinese bid was rejected.

    Be a shame to see Invincible go though.
  4. From the Pompey News:
  5. She's currently at North Corner, next to Ark Royal if people want to see her today.
  6. Almost indecent, the speed this has occurred?
  7. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    She's been tied up for the last god knows how many years so not sure what the indecent speed is?
  8. Any truth in the rumours that the Pompey dockies are crawling all over the Ark, trying to get her ready to go to sea again?
  9. I doubt that very much, they're more likely hunting for souvenirs!
  10. Oops! Got my 'carriers' mixed up
  11. I recall having a similar problem once - At the Railway Carriers:

    But a nice lady by the name of Big Sylve kindly straightened me out. Horizontally.:|
  12. From the Pompey News:
    Perhaps not "need" but wouldn't it have made life easier (and cheaper and much more effective) if we'd had a properly tooled-up carrier to deploy as a contingency when Cameron first mooted the proposal for a No Fly Zone in the House of Commons on 28 Feb?
  13. Wouldn't be the first time.

    DSC, Bosun's mate, Illustrious '84/85 long morning. The Hand Over includes an incident of 4/5 stokers returning from a run ashore who couldn't find their station cards on the after gangway. QM suggested they come back up in the morning to recheck and sends them below to get their heads down.
    5 mins later they return: "Err, this isn't Invince is it?"

    Safe guard gen dit no shit
  14. On a similar note our WO(RS) on the Invince in 90 openly admitted going on the Lusty by mistake, not only did he do that, he also got to the MCO and ask where the Chief Spaker was!
  15. Ha ha :)

    Just before I joined Illustrious in '83, they had had families day. Whilst parked at Middle Slip taking onboard guests, a crowd of tourists who had finished wandering around the Victory looked across and saw a queue of people going onto Illustrious. Now being British, they saw a queue and felt obliged to join it :) thinking that she was open for visitors too. They got a bit of a surprise when she sailed. Apparently the Old Man made a pipe to welcome them on-board when they made themselves known and were well fed and watered in the hanger.
    That probably made their holiday visit to Pompey and good PR for the Navy too. Not too sure of their friends would believe the story when they got home though.
  16. Poor turnout but I am sure I spotted the old CPO MEA.

    A retired senior officer was heard to say regarding the SDR , 'They have not got a f’n clue – all complete tossers'.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2011
  17. mmmmmmmmmmmmm MOD alert. MY post was deleted. mmmmmmmm censorship at work again?

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