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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by justadrama, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. So pending prnc and security clearance I should be at raleigh just after the new year!!

    I haven't posted much but read loads of different threads to try and prep for the psychometric tests, interview and fitness test and passed them all with ease, so just wanted to say thanks to those that answered any questions I asked and/or just put my mind at ease!

    (being a pongo was much easier)
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  2. Well done mate! I'm waiting on security clearance before i get a date as a re-entry! Pulling my hair out waiting!
  3. I'm in the same situation.
    How long have you waited for security clearance?
    Reading some posts I've waited nowhere near as long as most, I put my papers in at the start of June and my longest wait was 7 weeks while the army sent my med docs over!
    I went from interview to medical to fitness test in 4 weeks.
  4. To be fair my clearance has been just over a week. Think i'm just impatient because I want a date. I recently went on a Look at Life course and a few of the lads there have got their dates whilst they wait for clearance. My own fault for leaving in the first place i suppose. I was also held up by a peak flow diary needed for my medical. All in all not been waiting that long though. Hopefully it will clear quickly.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Good effort & good luck.
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  6. My clearance took just over 4 months!
  7. Fingers crossed mine is not that long
  8. Mine was put in an hour after the interview around 4 weeks ago and the afco have said there gonna try and get the civvis to get a hurry up cause im joining as a chef submariner.
    Really hope it doesn't take 4 months though!

    More time at home is more time for training though!
  9. I'm going in as Submariner as well ETME for me though. Providing it comes back soon AFCO said would be looking at the start of next year. Going to be a long wait i feel.
  10. I was asked if clearance came through would I want to start before Christmas so the afco must be confident of pushing things along. They've been spot on about everything else so far!

    Not sure starting just before Xmas for a couple weeks then getting sent on leave to eat and drink for 2 weeks would be the best idea though!
  11. I would love it if my AFCO gave me that option. I would go this Sunday given the chance!
  12. When did you start your application?

    Not sure my missus or boss would be too happy about 3 days notice!
  13. Started in April so not been that long in reality. Not bothered about my boss, the Mrs would just have to put up with it haha, shes known about it long enough.
  14. Not compared to some folks on here!

    I've literally just got an email from work telling me another security clearance came through for a government site we work on. Not as thorough as the RN one and that took nearly 3 months!

    On a completely unrelated topic, can you wear medals on no.1's for pass out?
  15. Don't quote me on this because I could be wrong but I think so yes, I recently went to someone's RAF passing out parade and there were guys there with medals on. One guys actually fell off as they were marching out at the end aha. Unlucky bugger.

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  16. If you're entitled to wear them, then you would be out of the Rig of the Day if you didn't.
    Good luck, you're joing the best branch in the RN.

    Not sure if they told you in the AFCO that you get taught to fly helicopters as part of your chefs course :)
  17. He's right, someone I know went in as a chef and ended up as a WAFU.

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  18. Thanks dapper. Need to find them now!

    Best thing you do as a pongo chef is cook in a filing cabinet!

    Enlighten me on a WAFU please booner?
  19. Is there a thread about navy terminology and slang?
  20. Wet and Fcuking Useless. Basically someone in the Fleet Air Arm.

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