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Looking to re-join

I left about six months ago as I was going to join MPGS. It was a decision between me and the then wife as we wanted a better family life etc etc. In a nutshell it's all gone wrong with the missus as we separated and to be honest am not sure that MPGS will be right for me now am a singly. Plus I still haven't had a definate start date from MPGS and the whole process has been a total nightmare! I want to rejoin to be honest now as am stuck in civvy street waiting for the army to sort me out whenever they do, and like I said, I don't really see the point in doing that anymore. Does anyone know what the process would be, time scale etc for re joining?


Have a trip down or up to your local AFCO and they will be more than willing to help.

You may get "some" help on here, but a lot of sarcastic answers :)
I wouldn't expect nothing less to be honest lol. I understand that I need to contact the AFCO and that it's dependant on previous service history (which was all good) and whether they'd have me back in. Just wondering how quick I could get back in really, I miss it :)


IME alot of guys are getting turned down for re-enty at the moment, especially Royals. Your AFCO is your best bet, better to get the ball rolling straight away as these things take time. What were you prior to leaving?
This is the thing, I only left in July. I think I might be right in thinking there is a 12 month cool off period. Obviously if so then I might be buggered until this coming July! I was a Killick Handler. I've know of a few that came back with no probelms, but things change.
I think I will be ok to re-enlist, so I certinly will have a chat with the AFCO, just not sure about this 12 month cool down period. Just looked through ninjas FAQ's about it but it does not mention this, only one way to find out I reckon.


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Never heard of a 12 month cool down period. When I was a DO at Raleigh I saw blokes come back in earlier than that (and one of them had been booted out as well FFS).

Ninja or Super Mario will be in a better position to advise


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wrecker_1980 said:
This is the thing, I only left in July. I think I might be right in thinking there is a 12 month cool off period. Obviously if so then I might be buggered until this coming July! I was a Killick Handler. I've know of a few that came back with no probelms, but things change.

Alright mate im a ex bootie but going for the divers branch. I dont know if the cooling of period is true or not but i left December 08 and started the rejoing process in September 09. I got told there is a chance i might not get accepted, it depends on your RORRS and other bits and bobs, the AFCO has been doing a great job with me, the only down side now is that im in the waiting list but its going by pretty quick.

Good luck.


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Providing all the discharge documentation (including previous pay statements) can be produced, the individual is fully trained, recommended further service on their last RORRS (copy required), left less than 12 months ago, wishes to rejoin the original source branch, there are still vacancies in the branch, remains free from criminal convictions or 'financial issues' & the Requirements Manager says "Yes", then 3 months is about the fastest processing time from application to re-entry. If any of the above is not applicable, then it can be anything from "longer" to "never".

Those who PVR or are "DUDT-ed" from training & who are classed as "untrained" frequently have caveats attached preventing them from being able to re-enter in 6, 12, 18, 24 months or maybe "Not recommended Further Service".

Not heard of "cooling off" periods for trained re-entrants.
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