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Without boring anyone to much so straight to the point, have been in now for only 18months and for reasons i again wont bore anyone with, i am still a BSQ trainee so am unqualified...how simple/straight forward or maybe complicated would it be for me to leave the Navy at this stage?
I imagine that you must be locked in to some 'return of service' requirement, so presumably you are unable to leave until you have completed the requisite amount of service. How soon do you wish to leave?
sooner the better in all honesty...i go on the assumption it would be easier to 'attempt' to leave before becoming qualified before becoming an asset as such to the RN. As an unqualified submariner im not much use to them...so was thinking that that might work in my advantage to apply for early termination or whatever!!
When you signed on in Raleigh you will have had a copy of your contract to keep. On page 3 of that contract your long term right of discharge is explained along with the date at which you can submit your notice. All this would have been explained to you at the time.
For ratings and other ranks, a ROS is required to
consolidate an individual's training and give a reasonable return on the investment
made by the Service. Having completed six months' service, or reached the age of 18
(if this comes after the end of the six month period), and subject to the exceptions that
follow, ratings and other ranks become eligible to submit an application for Early
Termination on completion of a minimum of 2½ years' service - a period commonly
known as the minimum time to serve (MTS) - from the end of their Standard Initial
Training Period (SITP).
just go mad, the navy have invested little in you and you will get your way
or, grow a pair of boobs and become a WREN. you will DEFINITELY get your own way then

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