Looking to join the navy, unsure due to daughter


Good evening everyone,

I stumbled across these forums looking for parental groups for army families.

I am looking to join the Navy as either an Air technician or even as a marine, however I am being put off by the idea of being away from my daughter for long periods.
I am finding life a bit difficult, I'm 25 I am struggling to get myself into an aerospace engineering apprenticeship there is so much competition, my other option is a degree through the open university then an internship, but that will take me 7years.
I am worried that I could be sent away for a long period and miss a lot of her life, I see her 2 days a week atm it didn't work out between me and her mum, how often could I be sent on long tours?

any advice? anyone else been in my situation


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How long you'll go away is unanswerable, as is how often, it depends on which unit you get drafted to as a marine, or which squadron as an AET, plus whats occuring around the globe at the time.

It could be weeks or months and at least every two years.
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