Looking to join RNR

Hi all.

Sorry if this has been covered before im a crow to this site.

Im ex army and looking to join the RNR.

Ive read the usual gen online etc and currently work as a chef in a RN establishment.

That said ive still got a few Q's.

I doing some phys on a daily basis to meet the criteria would that stop me attending the unit to get the ball rolling.

Do the RNR deploy in the same way as TA as I clearly want to get some sea time in.

Any othef info would be appreciated particularly from anyone at Vivid.



Hi mate,

I can't see any problem joining from my perspective. Been in for six months and I've seen people come across from RMR and RAuxAF.

The RNR doesn't goto sea that often but I think things are changing. Best heading down to your local AFCO to get the ball rolling. Sometimes they let you attend drill nights whilst still in the recruiting phase.