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Looking to join RNR (thinking about i-n-t-e-l-l-i-g-e-n-c-e)

Evening all,

While at uni, I was a member of the UAS. Enjoyed it immensely, and after being rejected as a pilot on medical grounds (awkward leg measurements!) explored the possibility of going into i-n-t-e-l-l-i-g-e-n-c-e. In the RAF, Int was largely streamed to either imaging at JARIC, squadron-based Int, or planning at Strike Command. A problem I encountered is that I found a glass ceiling; because my parents were not born in Britain (I am a second-generation 'immigrant' of Asian origin), I could not pursue a career in Int. This was a result of talking informally with various people in the know and I didn't officially explore the issue til I left the UAS.

Anyway, since leaving, I'm sure I really want to join the RNR. Not sure why, perhaps because of the Senior's illustrious history... I was wondering if anybody could give any advice on any known glass ceiling because of my circumstances, and general information on how the Int services are streamed in the RN.



Re: Looking to join RNR (thinking about i-n-t-e-l-l-i-g-e-n-

why not do the obvious thing and ask the recruiting office?


Book Reviewer
Re: Looking to join RNR (thinking about i-n-t-e-l-l-i-g-e-n-

The only people who will be able to give an authoratative answer will be the DVA and DSSO because they will assess your apllicabiity to hold a DV and STRAP clearance. Your nationality is the starting point and will give the AFCO enough to get better information.

TOM - ex RNSO at Cambria? SD(AV)?


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Re: Looking to join RNR (thinking about i-n-t-e-l-l-i-g-e-n-

ChiefRyback said:
This was a result of talking informally with various people in the know....

You need to talk to someone who actually understands the issues.

Discuss it with the AFCO.


Lantern Swinger
Lo mate,
I can only comment with regard to the CT branch (in case you didn't know, the closest thing we have to an intelligence branch as such in the regular RN) where a DV is a requirement for everyone. I've known of several cases of people trying to transfer from other branches and being blocked by the nationality requirements. As far as I understand it (and I am happy to stand corrected), both you and both your parents have to be UK citizens, although I'm not sure whether that means they must be born in Britain.
The score is that the Defence Vetting Agency (DVA) decide whether you're eligible to hold a DV and don't pose any risk. If there are any major problems, then it's a no-no. If any problems are not so serious though, they will be flagged up to the sponser, in our case, the RN CT branch, who will decicde whether or not to take that particular case on risk.
My advice, ask at the AFCO.
Good luck.
Thanks all. Yes, I suppose the obvious answer was to check at the AFCO. I briefly chatted with one of the recruiting officers about it but he referred me to someone else. Best follow that up.

Also, do I take this up with the DVA after having applied to the RNR? Will they give me an answer as a civilian? I don't want to sign up then find out I can't go into my chosen stream without fully knowing the alternatives (Warfare Officer?)

For the record, my parents are naturalised British citizens (resident for 36 and 25 years) but I am British-born.

Cheers again


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You'll apply for Security Clearance at the latter stage of the application process. Once you are in the RNR you complete basic training then express a preference for a branch. If the DV is required at that stage then you'll have the opportunity to apply for it.

DVA will not give you a speculative indication of the likely outcome, since doing so involves actually conducting the investigation.


Re: Looking to join RNR (thinking about i-n-t-e-l-l-i-g-e-n-

Hi Wave Dodger
yes I was the RNSO at Cambria for 4 yrs and thoroughly enjoyed it.
and you are?
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