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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by The_0ne, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi lads/ladies!

    My names Rob and im Currently considering joining the navy next year and looking to go into marine engineering.

    Either on a ship or as a submariner. What are the pro's and cons for each?

    Which will offer the best oppurtunities and be the most interesting fro mthe prospective of being a marine engineer.

    Whats your thoughts on life in the navy as it is nowadays. It seems to be quite a good future for the navy with the new Type 45's coming into service and the new submarines being built for 2008 and onwards???

    All help and advice greatly apreciated :D
  2. There have been a few threads before about the pros/cons of surface vs. submarines so have a look out for those. 8)
    I would imagine submarines are very interesting in terms of marine engineering (oh, and they're absolutely desperate for submarine MEs just now, and the pay is very good) but you might not see as much of the world as you would do on a ship.
    I've a mate who's just passed his AIB to become a marine engineering officer and he starts at Dartmouth soon. I'll keep you posted on how he gets on/how he finds it.
  3. I cant find any recent topics discussing the pros and cons of ships vs subs?
  4. Welcome to RR mate , cant help with your question though , been outside to long , good luck in whatever you choose though , :)
  5. This is the first thing I came across on the topic, I seem to remember reading a few other threads about surface v subs elsewhere. (I don't know why I was reading them though - interest? - if I've got anything to do with it, they won't get me near a sub once I'm in, but then you never know...)
  6. Hey and welcome to RR!
  7. Thanks people :)
  8. Stoker City over on this forum!

    It won't be too easy finding out pros and cons of boats Vs ships, companies of each think their's is the way forward!

    Even if i could go on boats, i'd still stay surface. If that helps any ;)
  9. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Welcome Rob,

    If you want to be a 'Stoker' or Artificer you'll be joining as an Engineering Technician. Be ready for more maths and engineering science. The bar is being raised, though the reward lowered- true technician status available at Leading Hand where it was previously CPO.

    Or you could study for an engineering degree and join as an Engineer Officer (or you may already have a degree). We'll beat those grocers' apostrophes out of you! :wink:

    Submarines? When the Government wakes up and we get new nuclear power stations nuclear experience and qualifications will be in greater demand. Not many runs ashore on bombers though.

    Astute? ISD of the first one 2008, the rest following slowly. How many? Probably not as many as we wanted so maybe not such a bright future.

    Surface Fleet, more variety (when they get out of Guz and Pompey)

    RFA? Slightly less pay, harder work (fewer engineering staff), longer hair but more time off. Four new ships coming into service at this time (Mounts Bay already in service) but still not sure if the RFA will run all four Bays. More new stuff planned.

    Feel free to PM for further career info.
  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    The One wrote

    Is it the US Navy you want to join? Thanks people??? :evil:
  11. hi rob

    now i can see why you want to be an engineer - done 17 years myself - but why not try the dark side and come over to the FAA, admittedly the engines are a incey teeny bit smaller but we get to play on flightdecks instead ofsweaty bilges. you can pretend to be a steely eyed fighter pilots mate when on the booze and you dont go to sea a quarter as much as general service bods. not that i would dream of slagging of the other trades but the careers office always try to push the FAA as much as possible - join the navy and clean an officers cabin, dish out stores, pump the bilges or fix jets (it makes me hard just typing the words)

    remember - i'd rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother on 800 squadron
  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    shag shacker wrote

    If you were any good, the planned maintenance would be so good the jets wouldn't need fixing! :wink:

    I don't know how you'd get anywhere near a jet pilot on a run ashore so you can pretend to be his mate. He (usually) is surrounded by chicks. RW pilots don't get the same kudos but are chicks' second choice, doctors third, then warfare/navigators, booties and breaking out the porn mag and bog roll, engineers.


    edited for spelling unbecoming.
  13. planned maintenance - what on earth is that.

    quality 911 website
  14. fix em - its as much as we can do to keep the tyres full of air before we have to do

    EQUALITY and DIVERSITY briefs,

    oh where does all the time go nowadays
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    shag shacker wrote
    and dealing with the aggrieved; 'the PO picked me up at the duty watch muster because I turned up in last night's civvies, unshaven, half cut, adrift. He humiliated me'.

    Yes indeed, busy times and not as much engineering as there should be. But surely there is enough wind in the cockpit to spare some to keep the tyres inflated?
  16. LOL, I love those 'Chicks dig...' myths!

    Girls love good looks, full stop! The more good looking a fella, the more chance he's got!

    What if one of them Pilots was a modern-day equivalent of Joseph (John) Merrick?
  17. Submarine engineering, every time.
    Why? In my opinion, it's proper engineering. Close team work with everyone in the department watchkeeping. You know your equipment well and you know the team well.
    The technical challenges are more rewarding, all the fun of skimmer engineering with a reactor to play with too.
    The runs ashore are there, occasionally (even the SSBNs, sometimes).
    Let's be honest, nuclear skills are also demand in UK plc now, so (if you get bored with the RN) it sets you up nicely for a second career.

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