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Looking to join, have a few questions


Hi. I'm considering joining and have a few questions about life in the Navy and progression.

1) I have both GCSE's and A Levels, will this be of any benefit to me and help me to advance at all?

2) What is life generally like on board? Accommodation wise, what is shared and what do you get for yourself?

3) Are there any fitness/ gym facilities on board, if so, are they any good?

4) What would you say are some pros and cons?

5) How well does the Navy prepare you for civvy street in terms of careers?

6) Food any good?

7) Do you feel you made the right choice joining the Navy as opposed to the RAF/ Army?



Lantern Swinger
Hi, lots of questions, some of which I am not qualified to answer, some of which I am so here goes:
1) If you wish to apply as an officer then having GCSEs and A levels are the way to go, also, with promotions etc it may help. If you are going down the ratings pathway, the qualifications are not too important but if you have them it is a bonus :).

2) That is quite an open question! It all depends on who you are. Life on board is what you make of it. It depends on who you're with, which branch you've chosen, commissioned or non commissioned. Wardroom life is of course ostensibly different to life down the mess, where you could be sharing with as few as 5(on t45) or as many as 35! (Carriers). As an officer you could be sharing with one other, 5 others or (when you become more senior) have your own cabin :).
3) Again, gym facilities depend on the ship. There are usually some weights and treadmills. The PTIs on board often run circuits and other keep fit classes (sometimes....).

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4) pros: great experiences, great opportunities to make friends, great opportunities for personal development through sports, adventurous training (skiing etc) and education. Also, the pension!
Cons: obviously the life is not for everyone. Long deployments and not seeing friends and family for very variable amounts of time. When I say variable I mean that often plans may change at a moments notice and you have to be adaptable and overcome homesickness etc. it just isn't for everyone. That's the reason for the long recruitment process and the training though. You're only going to know it is for you once you go and talk to your AFCO and maybe even when you start training.
5) depends on which branch you choose. Logistics and engineering are, in my opinion, the best ones for transferable skills.
6) As an ex chef, I might be biased, but I think the food on board was really nice :) it's essentially a rotating 7-10 week menu with fixed meals on fixed days I.e. Friday lunchtime is fish and chips.
7) I definitely feel I made and am making the right decision joining the navy, however, you have to ask yourself what YOU want out of a career, maybe make a list of what you want to get out of a military career and then all of the pros and cons of each (army, navy, RAF). A lot of these questions are based on the opinions of others, therefore what suits me may clearly not suit you. Hope this helps!


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