Looking forward to this

Off over to Condor soon as I have been invited to a Father and Son Regimental Dinner, I think I will need to pace myself as the days of being able to take a good bucket have long since deserted me. I am told that in the afternoon we will be down the range and doing a bit of abseiling then pre dinner drinks in the memorial garden.
Are the ORs still living in the pebble dashed doubled H blocks? Or have upgrades been made? Hopefully, as they would probably have been deemed 'Unfit for human habitation.' for civies even in my day.
Have a guid one and don't be persauded to go for a run ashore to the Golden Quaich....I still wake up screaming...the horror.


Lantern Swinger
All new build at Condor (about 10yr ago). As to the Quaich, its still the same building but with a new name...

Clan/Quaich brilliant night out!
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