Looking Forward: 2010

Not sure if this has been done on another thread but the things I will mostly be looking forward to in 2010 are:

-Re-joining the RN as a Cook/Chef/Logistician.

-Using the World Cup as an excuse for a month of binge drinking (hopefully during a scorcher of a summer).

-A scorcher of a summer.

-The final Harry Potter film (so no more fully grown women asking me to take them to see ANOTHER film in the [email protected] franchise that is specky-Radcliffe and chums... sorry ladies... but Wizards?... GROW UP!)

- Using the Winter Olympics as an excuse for a month of bingedrinking

-Living in Cornwall for the next 26 weeks, I've been living in Concretopolis a.k.a. London for too long now. If it weren't for the Alpen box I'd forget what the countryside looks like.

- Using the Commonwealth games as an excuse for a month of binge drinking.

Oh, and if I can, more sex, more money and a scorcher of a summer.

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