Looking for someone!

Ime trying to find someone now active in the Royal Navy. I know which country they are docked now in and i know where they will be ging next. Does anyone have any idea where i might be able to get more information. Help Please!
michelle...thanks for the PM's

Do you know this chaps full name, his ship and his trade? It's probable best NOT to post his name on here.
Lingyai said:
All very strange, maybe the dude doesn't want to be found, maybe he knocked her up or something?

Schoolboy error, that'll learn 'im. What's wrong with Biscuit Maker or Dolphin Trainer.....I don't know, these young lads.. :lol:


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As far as I can tell, it was a first encounter a couple of nights ago. I was in the same bar talking to the guy. Too drunk to remember the girl though!


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He said his name was Jack and he was the Captain of heads so he must be important if he's a Head Captain :smile:


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I'm quite impressed she found her way onto this site to try to find him though, he must have made a good impression. Either that or said he was the pilot!