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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Jtd1982, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I applied to join the Royal marines originally, but for various reasons am having second thoughts.

    When i first walked into the AFCO i intended to join as a Submariner but changed my mind whilst I was there!

    Basically I need to make my mind up now - So I have a few questions and just looking for some general advice if possible.

    Firstly what sort of deployments are undertaken? As in, how long are you away and how long do you go without any outside contact? I tried the search but can't find any proper details.

    Is the pay that good? i've been given different figures! whilst it would never be my main reason for choosing which branch, I'm 28 years old and do need to consider it.

    Any help would be really appreciated guys, thanks
  2. If what the submariners who were giving us a brief on the submarine service was true, then the pay's ridiculous.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Pay looks pretty good, though I'm unsure as to how much that works out as per month after training. how long are you at sea for at a time... and how often? sorry if they are newbie questions and all. I'm really having trouble with this decision!!
  4. Someone with up to date knowlege of lengths of deployment for Submariners will be along soon I expect.But in general terms if the prospect of being at sea for months is not to your liking seek your fortune elsewhere.
  5. Im not exactly bothered by it; i just want to know so as to help make up my mind! I'm really unsure as to how submarine deployments work
  6. Basically after training and once qualified you'll be looking at about £1500+ a month take home (on a sea going unit), depending on your branch. Single accomodation is now free of charge for submariners.

    As for sea time, how long's a piece of string? You could be away for short periods one year, such as 6 weeks out then back for 3-4 months, you could be on a boat in refit which could be alongside for 1-2 years, or you could be away for a constant 9 months. There really is no definative answer and it all depends on which boat you get.

    Contact wise, you can always send and recieve e-mails, but this is obviously patrol/task dependent.

    I can only comment from a T boat perspective, maybe a V boat rating can fill you in on bomber patrol times and routines?

    Bottom line is you need to be serious and commited if you want to serve on submarines. If you're unsure now I can guarentee you'll be absolutely threaders when you're doing your BSQ and you'll want to jack it all in. You always hear that things are completely different when you've passed all your training and it is definately true, but I've seen people throw the towel in before they're qualified because they can't hack it.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.
  7. Seatime for patrol cycle bombers is 3 months duration, no e-mails but you can recieve a 40 word familygram.

    As Gollum says SSN's are much more variable but a 3 month patrol is the norm. Last deployment I did we could only send e-mails when we were on the way home and out of area.

    And the submarine brief to the Phase 1's is a gen dit especially about the pay, I used to give it :wink:
  8. Is 'sea pay' paid for all the time you are at a sea-going unit even when alongside or is it only paid for time at sea?
  9. So how often would you do a patrol? cheers for all the input fellas
  10. Depends on the boats programme, there isn't really an answer to that
  11. Its now an 80 word a week familygram,one way,ie in only, not out on V boats
  12. Luxury, we used to get 2x25 word grumbleygrams for a 13 weeker :( corse we ad it ard :D
  13. Only whilst at sea now but the rate has increased coz of this.

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