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Discussion in 'RFA' started by Robp140, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Hello all!
    Just joined this forum and it looks like there are some experienced guys on here who might be able to give me some advice on joining the RFA.

    I am currently a 4th engineer Officer with Maersk line (container vessels) and have been thinking of joining for a while.The RFA looks like a great career but I was just wondering a few things:

    Can you currently apply to join as a marine engineer officer? i've had a look at the royal navy website and it says that the current jobs available are systems Engineer Officers,Deck officers, Motormen and Deck hands.Unfortunately I am not qualified electrically and as for the deck side I think if I seen daylight I would combust! Do you have to start as a motorman?

    Also I was just wondering what the lenghth of the contracts usually are?

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

  2. If you want to be hated by all in the Navy then join the RFA. They are a very strange bunch. It's full of people who can't adjust to society and have problems with personal hygiene. I know this doesn't help but it may help you in life. If you want to be liked and have friends..... Don't join the RFA.
  3. tam


    It's not the police he wants to join.
  4. I thought the RFA were the civvie skimmers who bring out the suntan lotion to pussers skimmers when they run out, but Rubbers description sounds like a Submariner, confused of Luton.
  5. Despite a shortage of junior engineering officers they are not currently recruiting. That may change when/if head office pull their heads out from their arses.

    Trips are four months on, a few days shy of three months off.
  6. Best advice is to never take advice from people with a post count and probably IQ of less than 2.

  7. HAHA HA HAHA HA That's a good one. I think you'll find it should read "The best advice is to never take advice from a person with a post count and probably an IQ of less than 2."

    It should have "The" at the start.

    "Advice" in bold italic is the second time you have mentioned it within the same statement. Thought should be given to replacing the word with a suitable alternative. Maybe use a thesaurus. I can suggest alternatives if you would prefer?

    As you are referring to only one person in your statement that is how it should read, hence the "person" in bold. Unless you are alluding to yourself? In which case this is a self defeating statement.

    For the last pick up you should really put "an" before IQ.

    Apart from this you have made your point very well. Congratulations.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2012
  8. I never complained about RFA when doing a RAS (ale).

    Just NEVER sit in THERE seat in the galley! **** me is that's a way of pissing off the crew! (Especially if it's the duty queer):sex:
  9. Thanks for the help.Dont know if i'll go through with it now though.Rubberchicken has put me off.Instead of joining I might just spend all of my time pointing out grammar mistakes on forums and try to insult people looking for a bit of advice.Looks like I'll be stuck on container ships for the rest of my career or risk being hated by the WHOLE navy.
    Or I might just join the police...
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  10. I wasn't having a go at you rob. I was just responding to someone who was questioning my IQ. I think I should be allowed that. I'm sure you would be one of the rare breed of RFA that would be ok should you join. Just letting you know about the rest of them that's all.
  11. When I was Naval Party on Diligence the RFA blokes were all top notch, one was even an ex-submariner I'd had a boat with.
  12. Haha fair enough point.Cheers.
  13. When I was down the South Atlantic my oppo and I had to nip across to the RFA for some steel bar and we were met at the screen door by a man in a dress.
  14. 'twas just Royal, glamming up before venturing shoresides.
  15. HI,

    If you want to send me your email address on private message i will pass it on to someone in recruitment who may be able to help you.

    The leave pattern is 4 on 3 off (months) and there is no minimum or maximum contract length. you work until you retire.

    If you are a 4th engineer does that mean you have your first CoC in engineering? If so then you would be able to join the RFA as a 3rd engineer.

  16. He would join as Third Officer (E), which is equivalent to a 4th Engineer.

    3rd Engineer is a 2/O(E).
  17. Slightly presumptuous on your part that I was referring to your self, maybe you have a slight insecurity issue,maybe it was the IQ reference that had you take the bait. Thank you sincerely for the English lesson, noted. The problem with being a pedant however is that you need to be squeaky clean yourself, capital R in Rob for future reference. Good lad.:blowkiss:

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