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Hi, looking for a forum featuring wives partners of submariners. My husband is currently at Raleigh and will join the submariners once all training is complete, we're noobs as he is only end of week one basic, I am aware there is still a very long way to go, not interested in trolls/haters/being patronised or whatever. looking for people to chat to, we are brand new to the life and I don't know what to expect, I know deployment is the most talked about in the emotional sense, but I was wondering what else to expect as he progresses, thanks
firstly, he will have to successfully complete phase 1 training. (10 weeks)
He will then have to successfully complete phase 2 training. (depends on what branch he wants to be in)
He will then have to successfully complete SMQ training (god knows how long that is these days)
and THEN he will be a submariner. Plenty of hurdles to get over.

Life as a qualified submariner will vary depending on his trade (again) and class of submarine

for example. If he joins V-class. You will get severely limited options of contacting him at sea.
If he joins a T/A-class. His time away could be a great deal more but you will have greater chance of contact when he is away etc
Firstly thanks for the replies. @FunkyJunky, yeah we know how far away everything is, in for the long haul. Obviously he has to pass everything first, I appreciate the info you have provided ☺. Thanks @ fishhead, I will have a look. @tommo, I can't seem to find British fb , cheers
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