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Looking for new set of Officers Nos 1's - help needed


Lantern Swinger
Hi guys,

I'm RNR and need a new set of Nos 1's. A mate reccomended a firm called "turners Viv?" who apparently go to the stores of the main naval bases. Does anyone have any contact details for them?

ALternatively can anyone reccomend a good tailor - not interested in Bauns or Gieves!


War Hero
Re: Looking for new set of Officers Nos 1's - help need

As far as I am aware the company is Turner Vie and they are a company of taylors your local friendly?? POSA should have contact details if no joy from that direction then a direct approach to the duty SA at your nearest RN base/ air-station should do the job.
Rumour has it that there is a shop in GUZ where you can get the full out-rig but as I'm a JR no need as it's all pusser. 8) 8O :roll:


Re: Looking for new set of Officers Nos 1's - help need

e-bay do a good line of officers kit!

Turners made my No.1's, it isn't all that especially if you have to pay out of your own pocket!


Book Reviewer
Re: Looking for new set of Officers Nos 1's - help need

Try calling the wardroom at HMS NELSON, ask for Tin Trousers, this is the second hand Officers clothing store. Don't worry most kit is in excellent order, and I definately saw some RNR Nos 1 there last week. Even if you have to get an RN set getting them relaced isn't that expensive.


Lantern Swinger
Re: Looking for new set of Officers Nos 1's - help need

Could someone give me the phone No or email for Turners? I'm nowhere near a friendly POSA!


Lantern Swinger
Re: Looking for new set of Officers Nos 1's - help need

Sadly not!

I'm not interested in 2nd hand kit - I have the cash for a new uniform and want something decent (hence not interested in Bauns :D )

A mate reccommend Turners to me, but am happy to take alternative ideas.

I will however be selling on my old kit (42" chest, 38/33 trousers) once this is sorted...


Re: Looking for new set of Officers Nos 1's - help need

Don't know your location , but have you tried Joe Fenwick's in Union Street , Plymouth , :roll:


Re: Looking for new set of Officers Nos 1's - help need

Could try ringing Russ at BRNC stores. Lots of second hand uniforms and good value. He'll even send you them on approval. Mind you - sizes other than skinny young thing can be rare!


War Hero
Re: Looking for new set of Officers Nos 1's - help need

ok, bit a dumb one, all round if I may say so!!! inc me. Google "Naval Tailors" and that should give you a damn good start! had a quick nose and there's a couple that should be able to help Jim.
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