Looking for information on Royal Canadian Navy Personnel WW2

Wondering anyone can give me a hand, I'm trying to get information about my wife's grandfather who served with the Royal Canadian Navy in WW2 and beyond.
I have half an idea of where to apply for his service records, but was wondering if anyone knew of any websites (similar to this for the RCN for example) or elsewhere I might be able to get any information (official or otherwise)

If anyone needs more information I can provide his name etc via PM. I do know he was a rate though, and finished his time teaching engineering.

Thanks in advance. :D :D


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Re: Looking for information on Royal Canadian Navy Personnel

I'm not sure how much military information is held by the Canadian Archives, but when I was doing some digging into my late grandfather's immigration record (he arrived in Canada as an orphan in 1930, returned to the UK by 1934) from the UK, they were extremely helpful and provided me with a copy of all info held free of charge. Their web-site is: http://www.archivescanada.ca/english/index.html
Thanks Flagwagger,
It might come in useful for some other digging. We are hoping we can trace her family back to when they landed, though there is some dispute whether they landed in the US originally or in Canada.

www.collectionscanada.gc.ca might be able to give us his service record, as long as we can find a copy of the obituary or a photo of the gravestone...tricky as its in rural NS somewhere and we are in the UK...a trip may be in order in future at worst.
Soleil - Ireland...we think before 1911, so at that point would be the UK. Still have to figure out what their names were though as it was likely my wife's great, great grandfather who emigrated with his family. Though might even have been earlier than that.
The other side of the wife's family is untraceable though as her maternal side comes from Hungary...and I don't fancy learning Hungarian or spending weeks visiting churches.
Re: Looking for information on Royal Canadian Navy Personnel

Was asking because I have an Ancestry account which gives immigration records for the US and Canada, inc records of US/Canada border crossings. Let me know if I can look anything up for you.
Re: Looking for information on Royal Canadian Navy Personnel

Thanks very much Soleil, I may just take you up on that offer once I can figure out their names (some of them are interesting to say the least...)

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