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My father was RNPS during WW11, I have found some info on himbut not a lot, I know he was Mention in Despatches and have found that in the Gazette.
My daughter has decided (she being more computer literate than me) to take over.
I have got some info from the Navy, and I remembered a couple of ships he was on. (forgotton names at the moment)

She has found another entry in the Gazette when he was still an Engineman before he became a PO
On this entry is his number and the letters LT/KX anybody know what these letters stand for.

Thanks for your help



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Brian I think that the first two letters stand for Lowestoft which was the home base for the RNPS or Harry Tates Navy. My father was there in the same role, but sadly has passed away so more unanswered questions.

Google Harry Tates Navy, there are some helpful people on there and they work out of the Sparrows Nest which was the home base for the RNPS. I have my fathers records but they only show the depot ships and not the actual craft that he served on, good luck in your search.
LT certainly stood for Lowestoft where the RNPS had its HQ at HMS Europa. JX was used as the Service Number prefix for Seamen, KX for Stokers & Engineroom, LX for Cooks & Stewards and MX for Miscellaneous.


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soleil said:

Did you see the link about the new memorial?
Yes thanks Sol, the whole of the RNPS story is very much unsung, certainly I didn't get much detail out of my late Father about his time in. It was very much a navy within a navy, mainly manned by HO people.
In addition to the ceremony at the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffs on 23 Aug honouring RNPS minesweeping personnel, page 32 of this month's Navy News (link) contains an announcement for a memorial parade and service at Queenborough on the Medway on 13 Sep to honour personnel who served in the minesweepers based at HMS Wildfire III, Sheppey during the Second World War. These were manned by RNPS personnel as well as RN, RNR and RNVR.
Thanks for the replys Gents, I have found that Dad got M I D in the Kings birthday honours.
Two of the ships he was on were HMT/S Stella Canopus and HMT Pelargos/ Pelagos
I know he served in the Med (Malta) rememeber the tale of a run ashore and legging it down through the streets ahead of the Picket to get to the launch before the Picket did :lol:


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