Looking for info on where ships went to???

Thank you so much for these Billy, they are great! I know my Dad was in Singapore so looking at the time frame from his record he must be on this photo somewhere! We honoured him with a trip to the naafi club and a can of tiger beer when we visited in March.
Sometimes, when the meds kick in, I go all sensible.

HMS ILLUSTRIOUS 1952 - RAS with RFA OLNA on Exercise MAINBRACE (1952).
A hoofing 8 nation show of sea power.

....also he was probably on ILLUSTRIOUS when HM the Q got rated up from Acting Local Princess.

9 June 1953, Royal Navy ships assemble for the Coronation Fleet Review of HM Queen Elizabeth II.
Sumo's post #28 is interesting, and it is just possible the OP's late father served in the Victory which is in the historic dockyard. The ship did have, and still does have, a CO and a small number of serving RN/RM personnel as ship's company. (plus, nowadays, personnel from the National Museum of the Royal Navy.) In 1965, HMS Victory was flagship of the Commander-in-Chief Portsmouth; today, she is flagship of the First Sea Lord.

But in 1965, it is much more likely that the draft was to what was then referred to as HMS Victory (Barracks) in Queen Street - now HMS Nelson. The latter's name changed in the mid 70's, largely to avoid the inevitable confusion. A re-building programme has made the current establishment largely unrecognizable to a time-traveller from 1965.

Apologies to other posters who know this, but it may be of interest to the OP.
HMS LOCH RUTHVEN....what it was doing on the dates mentioned.

September Under refit

21st Re-commissioned for service in Persian Gulf as Senior Officer 9th Frigate Squadron.

Commanding Officer: Captain P S Beale RN

October Carried out post refit trials.

November Carried out Shakedown during passage to Portland for work-up.

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