Looking for info on where ships went to???

Hello, I am new to this so please bear with me but I am trying to find out where my later Father sailed while he was in the Navy. I have his records, the names of the ships and the dates he was on them, but I'd like to know exactly where he went, but due to confidentiality I am unable to find this out. Can anyone help? Thanks.
Thanks Drakey.

Raleigh - Apr 52 - Oct 52
Drake - Oct 52 - Nov 52
Illustrious - Nov 52 - Aug 54
Drake - Aug 54 - Sep 54
Vanguard - Sep 54 - Jun 55
Drake - Jun 55 - Sep 55
Consort - Sep 55 - May 57
Drake - May 57 - May 57
Dolphin - May 57 - Sep 57
Girdle Ness - Sep 57 - Apr 59
Excellent - Apr 59 - Oct 59
Albion - Oct 59 - Mar 61
Raleigh - Mar 61 - Sep 61
Loch Ruthven - Sep 61 - Nov 61
Lochinvar - Nov 61 - Sep 62
Londonderry - Sep 62 - Oct 64
Lochinvar - Oct 64 - May 65
Victory May 65 - Jun 65

Thanks, any help much appreciated.


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Raleigh. Drake. Dolphin. Excellent. These are all shore bases. Raleigh/Drake in Plymouth. Excellent in Portsmouth. Dolphin in Gosport. Sorry not old enough to know about the others. ⛵⛵
Hello & welcome to RR @Lindsay Hill

I don't know how familiar you might be with the RN's ranks/ratings/branches but if need to know more just chalk the initials up here and one of us might be able to explain out what those initials represent during your late father's career.

By the way, if his surname is the same as yours (Hill) he probably gained the nickname of 'Pusser' Hill.

No connection with his trade, just a nickname often applied to all Hills in the RN.
Thank you, I know very little! My Dad always talked about the places he went to, and I wanted to put together a map of his travels and tick off as many as I can. The nickname would suit him as he loved a pussers, I always have a bottle in!


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On a historical note HMS CONSORT got a bit banged up back in 1949 when she was
fired upon by Chinese Communist Forces.

"The Yangtze Incident" (April 1949)

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