Looking for help for friends Dads RN History.


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Our village Shop/Post Office has been absolutely brilliant during the lock down, they've organised volunteers to deliver shopping for those unable to get out to do their own and nothing has been too much trouble.

I was chatting to the owner the other day and She mentioned that her late Father had been in the RN but (like most of us) hadn't got much out of him about where He'd been and what He'd done, I offered to scratch around to see what I could come up with.

Very few details and one sheet of a service history that I can't read, I'll post what I have to date and add anything further that comes my way.

Any help or insights welcome.

Peter Thorpe D/DX914535 - PO Stoker
Served between Sept 1954 and Sept 1964172773861_264216748710594_600822688128317546_n.jpg

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May I suggest that you scan the document instead of photographing it?
Many printers have the scanning function and the results will be far better and more readable