Looking for fun

Hello Nails. There are lots of Jennies onboard, so please feel free to solicit their goodwill.

As for the Jacks onboard, I'm afraid they've all caught Fudgepackers Syndrome after being forced to wear brownhatter's ovvies (pyjamas) as Juniors and will therefore not be interested! :twisted: :biggrin:
hi naughty fun lol x sorry to disappoint all you cynical people i`m just a sexy woman looking for a bit of naughty fun no hidden websites or agenda just some fun xx
Sorry to bust yer bubble - but this is RumRation.
If you're looking for fun, might I suggest a weeks
camping in the beautiful countryside surrounding
A good place to hone up on your Survival Techniques,
before trying to survive on here.
Catching, killing and eating your own food is an excellent
way of discovering if you have what it takes to withstand
the withering barrage of flak you're liable to be on the
receiving end of when you type stuff on here.
Avoid those three-headed, nine legged rabbits though.....
they're absolute bas***ds to catch.

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