Looking for Friends/Colleagues of.....

...Micahel Ian Crawford late CPO ME HMS Illustrious, HMS Roebuck. He served from the 1960's until he had completed 24 years, 2 as an apprentice.

I am his youngest son, and am looking for any photos or stories that you could share with me.

Mike died from a massive heart attack aged 52 in 2002, and we never had chance to reconcile our differences, at the time of his death he was at his new home in Norfolk.

I would be greatful for any information regading his time in the RN and to hear from any of his friends.




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Sean, try to add a bit more about Dad, what branch was he would be a good start, do you know of any other ships that he served in/on?

Good luck with your search
I know he was involved with the commissioning of Illustrious in '82 and served on her until his transfer to Roebuck for her commissioning in '86, he then served on Roebuck until he left the service in '89.

Before then unfortunately, I have no records of where he served. I can tell you he was the youngest Charge Chief at the age of 20 and the youngest CPO at 21, both promotions awarded on his birthday.

He also seems to appear on the HMS Ambuscade Crew list from 1979 - 1981 MEM (M).

Thats about as much info as I have at the moment, unfortunatly, his partner at the time of his death, destroyed all his old records and photos, and i would rathernot get my mother involved, as they did not have a happy last few years together.

Both his parents are dead, and his step-sisters have no further information on his Naval career.

Please help :)


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Paleblue_1: Unfortunately I do not remember your father, nor do I have any information about his naval service.

However you could consider contacting the MOD Veterans Agency, who may be able to provide some assistance.

Additionally, try associations for your father's old ships:

HMS Ambuscade Association

I cannot find an association for HMS Illustrious, although I believe one exists as they are holding a reunion and AGM from 19-22 October 2007 at the Britannia Hotel, Fairfax Street, Coventry, West Midlands CV1 5RP [Info from Navy News classified adverts]. Perhaps the Events Manager may be able to provide contact information for the Association organisers. (Hotel tel: 024 7663 3733) [Info from Yell.co.uk]. However you could contact the Ship herself: c/o Commanding Officer, HMS Illustrious, BFPO 305

The Hydrographic Society (for information about about HMS Roebuck, or contact the Ship herself: c/o Commanding Officer, HMS Roebuck, BFPO 376)

Good luck in your search.


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Paleblue - sorry to hear about your Dad. I have the following thoughts. If he spent time as an apprentice and was a young Chief then its likely he was a tiff. If he was born in 1950, the earliest he could have joined HMS Fisgard would have been about September 1965 and the latest would be May 1967.

That puts him a class ranging from S55 to S60. I have seen a class list for S55 and he wasn't on it. There is a Crawford but not your Dad.

The Fisgard Association have Class lists for most classes and may be able to help. You could try contacting their secretary. www.fisgardassociation.org

The classes you are interested in are S56 S57 S58 S59 and S60

I f he served for 24 years then it sounds like he did his 22 plus 2 years boys time suggesting that he joined when he was 16. That narrows his class down to the 1966 classes which were S56 (Jan), S57 (May), and S58 (Sep).

Good luck.
I served with your father during the early years on Lusty and have a book at home about the first few years of HMS Illustrious. I will have a look tonight to find out if there is any mention of your father or pictures of him.


P.S Sorry to here he past away.
Right BUMPING this as I am still trying to trace. Update on the latest...I am now talking to my sister again after 7 years, and she has some things of Dad's, if I ever get chance to pop to Yorkshire I will call in on her.

Oh and this has been bumped incase there are new members since the last post in Sept 07!

Tanky, check PM's, I sent you one about 3 months ago!!

I never did get a further reply from you, I hope you are still around! Also a shameless BUMP, as I am still trying to trace pictures/memories etc!

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