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Hello, I’m currently in the process of joining up I have PRNC on 30th September and Raleigh on 28th October. To give you an idea of where I’m at I can do 35 press ups to the bleep on YouTube, 60 sit ups to the bleep and my current run time for 1.5 mile is around 9:50 and I can tread water for around 6 mins. I was just wondering what other things I should be doing to get me prepared, I go to the gym 4 times a week and do some weight training but I don’t know if that’ll be beneficial to me for when I get there so should I do some for body weight exercises, any other tips on fitness would great! Thanks!


What you've said is pretty good. Just keep working at it, most of raleigh is fairly simple exercise (push-ups, running etc...). One thing I would say is try to get some practice climbing a rope with the correct technique, at Raleigh quite a few guys in my class struggled with that since the ropes usually come mid way through an IMF session and you don't wanna be doing circuits with spaghetti arms.

Aside from that though, keep running (outdoors!), people forget that you always tend to run faster on a treadmill so don't get caught out with that one.

Good Luck!


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Stay injury free, don't over train, the only weight you need to train with is your own body weight.

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