Looking for family of W.C.Morrison C/JX 406145 served on HMML 916 1944


W.C.Morrison C/JX 406145 was one of two survivors from the sinking of ML916 in the Scheldt estuary on Nov 8th 1944. The other survivor was my father Lt.G.G.MacPherson, the skipper. Nineteen other young men died.
We are looking for the family of this man as there has been a lot of research on this ship, its sinking and its significance in the opening of Antwerp for Allied supplies. We think his family would be interested to see all the information we have.
We seem to be in a Catch 22 situation as we are not family and therefore cannot find any more details about him - so cant find a death certificate for him - and we cant apply to the Archive without a death cert.
Any ideas how we can progress?
Many thanks.

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