Looking for archived Navy record


I am trying to obtain further information on my grandfather’s navy record, he was in the Royal Navy from a young age, was on submarines a lot, not sure exact date from, likely from 1933 onwards.

On his marriage certificate it says:
John Burnie Niven
147824 OR DJX
Seaman RN HMS
Residence at the time ‘HMS osprey’ Portland

D.o.b 19.10.1919 Dumfies, Scotland

Does anyone have access to records they can search to find out what his service numbers were or any other ships he served on? Any further info provided would be greatly appreciated. I have tried looking at National Archives but nothing comes up.



War Hero
This is, to some extent, pure guesswork, but OR = Ordinary Seaman, DJX147824 suggests his Service Number. HMS Osprey was the anti-submarine school at Portland, Dorset, from 1924 to 1941 when it transferred to Dunoon. This was a shore establishment.

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