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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by NavMan, May 8, 2011.

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  1. Hi all, just done a lot of reading on here but thought I would ask for some specific advice as well.

    I have applied to join the Navy as a Warfare Officer (Surface) and I have my Admiralty Interview Board coming up this month. If anybody could give me any advice, from personal experience, of what I can expect it would be much appreciated. I have read and watched all the material they give you but as I said, a personal account would be pretty handy, the more recent the better.

    I am doing all I can to prepare, I really want this which is why I will be pretty cheesed off if I fail, is it really the be-all and end-all if this happens or are there still options?

  2. I've very recently attended HMS Sultan and to be honest I found each process to be exactly how they described it in the literature, they are very transparent in what they are expecting of you.

    Make sure you do well at the MSFT, it can be a really easy way to get a few extra points, up to 10 I believe.

    It seems a few people fall down in the essay which I find shocking, so remind yourself of a basic structure and grammar etc.

    The time given to you in the planning exercise will go by in a flash, so make sure you push your team to come to a conclusion and don't get swept along arguing whether you should also save a cat or if its ethical to steal something.

    When it come to the PLT's, in my opinion your not going to be able to fool 3 senior officers, of which some may be RM, into believing you have leadership potential if the thought of being in charge terrifies you, so you either have it or you don't.

    If you have any specific questions then fire away.
  3. Make sure you socialise with everyone, but get to know the people on your board very well. When I did mine last November, we spent our second evening chatting to each other and it really helps in team exercises. You can also make your team aware of things you're nervous about, so they can be extra vigilant in jumping in to save you from a bit of a sticky wicket.
    3 of 4 passed on my board (only 1 other person passed out of the others). If one of the girls on my board hadn't had cried in the planning task, she would have passed.

    A little note about the planning exercise: Anything you suggest will have problems with it. There is no perfect solution. Also in your prep time for the planning exercise, remember the names and jobs of all the people, remember all relevant times and definitely practice speed/distance calculations. They grill you for 5 minutes on these little facts that you would usually so easily skim over and ignore.
  4. Also, there are options to re-take the AIB or settle for another branch with a lower AIB-mark should you fail. The best advise is; don't fail.

  5. Someone actually cried? Is it that nerve racking?
  6. It doesn't have to be.

    I've just seen on the telly people crying because their football team lost.
  7. The planning exercise was actually the worst thing I found. The practise example they give you on the first day is so simplified compared to the real thing.

    As Dr_Acula said, remember all the simple information, as when they start questioning each person, they start with things like, 'what time is sunset' etc. Don't forget to pay attention as they are questioning the other candidates as if someone hesitates too long or doesn't know the answer they will quickly ask it to someone else. There were only 3 people in our syndicate so may have been at a slight disadvantage in that sense. 2 out of us passed though, the one that didn't was actually an upper yardmen.

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