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This is long winded as balls but really would appreciate input.
Just failed my medical for the royal marines so havent yet received there official letter yet. I failed because of knee pain i had a few years ago. Was rolling in a bjj class and it tweaked so was sent to a+e then later on given an MRI which on my medical records says there isnt anything wrong and no damage. I was sent for physio for muscle wastage as I had to wear a splint for three days however i dont think this reason was recorded in my records, just that i went to physio (not 100%). Physio said everythings fine and gave me an A4 peice of paper with some very basic exercises on and that was that. Several months later was at the doctors for a check up and told her it ached a bit and if it normal, which has been recorded on my medical records as "persistant instability". Which I'm presuming as the letter isnt here yet that that is the key phrase having me over. Bearing in mind from my point of view that i can run three times a week, circuits twice and back squat between 80 - 90KG (not massive weights but reasonably significant) sets of 12 reps and deadlift regularly, and also received a 12 month deferral rather than permanent unfit from a different navy doctor 3 years ago for the same thing (key point being i was told to come back after time has passed with no recurring issues) its a painful pill to swallow. Immediate unofficial advice from Careers advisor was to start getting as much information from my GP as i can surrounding the issue, naturally i rang my GP who told me a few things,
A normal GP can only give me a general health check which would pretty much be what the navy has already done and can cost upto £90 just to book the appointment, this is because further investigation and evidence isnt covered by the NHS, is this right?
She also said I'd be better off seeing a physiotherapist rather than a GP who can investigate further and provide me detailed and specific evidence and test and prove my knee is stable. I'm not trying to offend any physiotherapists asking this but can their word trump a GP or am I getting palmed off here?
Read a couple other threads so Ninja Stoker or any medical people currently serving who are clued up on this please could you give me some advice on getting this appeal as water tight as humanly possible, especially those based in the north west that also deal with civilian patients let me know

I'm not medically trained but have successfully appealed a medical result whilst applying for RM Officer. Can I ask have you been declared TMU or PMU?
My advice would be to appeal your medical result. Contact your AFCO for specific advice on how to go about this. What I had to do was: Write a letter explaining my position, why I felt the result wass not right etc. and felt it should be over turned. You will also need to include additional evidence to support your appeal. From your post I would suggest a letter from your GP about the original problem and any discussions you have had regarding it since then. I found it helpful to have an appointment and discuss with them. They won't, and can't, change your records but will try and help (May cost up to £35). It may also be useful to seek a physio's opinion and a letter from them regarding stability tests, although I'm not sure how much weight this will carry. I obtained printed copies of my medical records as well just so I could see for myself what was recorded.
All the docs will need to be handed to your AFCO who will send to Portsmouth and your case will be reviewed by the medical cell there who are RN/RM medics not CAPITA. Having spoken to them on the phone they are really helpful.
Be prepared for a long wait, it does take time, stay positive because appeals do work sometimes and keep up the training! If you are declared fit you may hear you have your PJFT coming up before you get official confirmation that you have been given the medical all clear! That being said, I know that RM are very careful with any knee issues due to the physicality of training and the loading forces put through the lower limbs. If it doesn't go well remember they are doing it to protect your health; there may also be other branches in the RN that will take you it may just be worth having a quick scout around the website.
Hope that helps and fingers crossed for you.


Thanks a lot for that, I've not got the official letter yet, but designated L8. Did the doctor charge you for the appointment aswell as the letter or just the letter?
Also how long did it take in your case?
Thanks again
From what I understand reading on this forum and my own experience your designation means (to clarify for me) a lower limb issue (L) and the 8 designates as unfit for military service (on a scale of 2-8, 2 = fit for service), is that what you understood?
No I wasn't charged for the appointments, just the letters I had written.
If I remember rightly I was made unfit for service in late August, appealed within days of that and had a reply around mid-late November, although they can take longer I believe. Hope that helps!

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