Looking for a virgin?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by flymo, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. "The makers of 18 Again, the Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company Ultratech, say it is the first of its kind in India (similar creams are already available in other parts of the world such as the USA), and fills a gap in the market."

    From here
  2. Belter than throwing a welly down Union Street or the infamous words is it in yet?
  3. That was virgin on the redickuless.
  4. I'm waiting for the rebrand over here - advert script:

    Chavscum: I love this new cream! Hardly feels like I've had 7 children from 8 fathers (I'm unsure on who Chardinaaay's dad is)
    <Picture of some baby with a "princess" tiara on>
    Chavscum: All new 13-Again. Now everyone wants to spend time with me in the ally behind the tower block!
  5. Yes well Virginity is relative to geography.
    I assume like most that a west country "virgin" is an eleven year old who can outrun her Dad and brothers.
    I have met other women who although having surrendered their innocence to some lucky fellow are by their mean nature still "tight little cunts".
    Others act pure whilst between their legs a little voice resounds continuously "HI Men" come in.
    But personally I still do respect the POW girls, the one's who surrender immediately.

    And those "chavvy" girls who are held with much disdain and derisiveness amongst these threads, well at the end of a long and boring shift as a taxi driver, there is always these girls who have needs of conveyance, little or no money and who by opening their illiterate mouths:monkey: can always get a lift home.^_~
  6. The only other Mumbai based lot I can think of is the BT help desk ... if this lot work the same way ... God help us!

    Word association ... for "Ultratech" read "Polyfilla"
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  7. Rummers what a good Samaritan you are giving these had drinking/parting girls had up with cash a lift home, a pillar of the community you are? Do any refuse to get into your Italian Maestro?
  8. They were going to have a nativity play in Derbyshire, but they had to cancel it because they couldn't find 3 wise men and a virgin.
  9. Which was hardest to achieve

    3 wise men or a Virgin
  10. Surely you mean "Black" cab?
  11. Suppose you can paint your Italian Maestro black and call it a cab
  12. The only time I was ever in a maestro funnily enough it did break down.
    Belonged to an RP PO who was giving me a lift up homers and when we got to the top of the Ports-down Hill it started spluttering.
    Got us as far as the pub at the other end of the concrete road into Newbury the Winchester bypass and went to heaven.
    We all cadged a lift with a Tiffy we hated but he had a nice car and money. So we loved him for the duration.
    We wasn't two faced, ....more fickle.:lol:
  13. Not either, adapting and over coming the shit hand you were delt
  14. Oh to be eloquent and have that much bullshit to hand.
    Wanna be my DO.
  15. Do not know if I would have enough time to be able to spare to be at the table, you would need to be managed by a group of DO's so as to give the old man some fresh faces to see??
  16. My DO in my first sea draft trooped me for "sculling" from my place of duty as I left the Focsul to get a light for the lads. It was blowing a bazzy and the lighter we had was as useful as a chocolate fireguard.
    I only went behind A turret on a Leander.
    At the skippers table I got him to defend me for a giggle.
    It couldn't have worked out better, the twat ups and tells the skipper I was areal hard working hand a credit to my part of ship.
    I got case dismissed and the skipper was still shouting at him a week later. He was at the time the most senior Sub Lt. in the navy and in them days there was thousands of the fuckers, we had about 500 ships. According to Jane's fighting ships 1965.
    He never seemed to like me after that, the sulking bugger.
    Mind I did get an Exemplary, along side a second class for conduct.:grin:
  17. That stuff might may them feel tighter, but with any significant useage their cunts tend to resemble a punched lasagne. Unless by 'cream' they mean 'scalpel' I have my doubts of converting some of these young lasses' fannies back to virginal originality.
  18. To be fair they do use a significant amount of bubble wrap as packing before the final skim.
  19. I don't want the job of wet & dry rubbing that down!
  20. Think yourself lucky you are not JC, everytime he tries for a bit of handcart flange heals up on him.

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