Looking for a SBS Book.

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Skarsby, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a book written by an SBS member. One of the anecdotes refers to an operation in Ireland between roughly 69'-71'. In the section in the book, the author is hiding outside a building while waiting for a suspect, while he is waiting, a dog approaches him; to aviod discovery he shines a laser light at the dog to make it go away. At the end of this particular anecdote he discovers that there has been an SAS soldier also staking out the same building.

    Sorry that the info is so vague. That is really the only story I can remember from it. Any help in identifying this book would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Might be" not by strength but by guile"?

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  3. TJP


    The book is ` First into action ` by Duncan Falconer.
  4. That's the guy who went straight through to SF training from basic wasn't he?

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  5. Yes and yes. Duncan Facloner is also a novelist with an SBS thread to the books. He did go pretty much straight from basic to selection. He was on selection with one of his basic instructors which posed the corporal off until he passed selection.
  6. Regarding the book " not by strength but by guile".

    I would not class this as an 'SBS' book.
    The writer being an attached rank and was never a member of the SBS.
    Later arrested for drug running.

  7. DF's book is well worth a read. Better than the average "pilgrims" writings.
  8. Wasn't all charges dropped?

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  9. Eh?????? . .
  10. [QUOTE[​IMG] Originally Posted by RemusMw [​IMG] Wasn't all charges dropped?AUV's have no strings attached


    Yes. Vessel in International waters when boarded. Plus other mistakes on the legal side.

    He then went on to write another book about his time as a 'soldier of fortune'. Another load of rubbish as was his first.

  11. Hello RemusMw,

    I did in fact reply to your question at 16.35hrs. only to have my post lifted as it seems it needed to be 'cleared' by a mod?

    So again. Yes all charges were dropped by HMG. The vessel concerned being in International Waters when boarded. Other legal problems as well.
    The person concerned then went on to write another rubbish book about his time in Afghan/Iraq. One or the other.

  12. Poole rating Rover?
  13. Perhaps. Best check via Ninja Stoker.

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  14. For those interested in the background and some of the history of the SBS may I suggest the following.

    The Inside Story Of The Special Boat Service.

    By: John Parker

    ISBN: 0 7472 1976 1

  15. RemusMw - It would reduce confusion if you incorporate your strapline, "AUV's have no strings attached", in your signature block via Forum Actions/Edit Profile/Edit Signature.
  16. Righto

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  17. .

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  18. Thanks heaps guys. I will go and grab a copy and see if that was the one. I'll have a look at your suggestion as well Rover.

    Cheers Again
  19. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Has anyone read "Bloody Heroes" by Damien Lewis? That's about the shakeyboats in Afghanistan in the beginning. It's a good read.
  20. Thanks mate, that was the one.

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