Looking for a Royal Marines documentary from early to mid 90s


As per title, can't find any evidence of it existing but I like to see it again as it was one of the reasons I started to consider Lympstone over other options.

What I remember:
  • Filmed early to mid 1990's (but give me a bit of slack there)
  • Followed a few different parts of the corps including:
  • A group going through the All Arms course, this included some older guys (Sgt and Colour Sgt) and seemed to focus on them
  • Commando Logistic Rgt on exercise in Norway. IIRC it was a peace keeping mission including a field hospital.
  • Was released on VHS
  • Was just 2 parts I think (hour each?)
I am not thinking of Royal Marines - Behind the lines or How to Make A Royal Marines Officer. I have these already :)

Any info would be much appreciated!