Looking for a film called "The Iron Village"

Many moons ago before even I was junior dabtoe on Ark Royal in 1973 a film was made about the ship called "The Iron Village". It was shown as a leader film at Saturday morning pictures (if you remember them). If anyone knows where a copy can be obtained from for about the price of a 1972 pint of stout I would appreciate it.

Does anyone else remember the film?

"If you strangle a smurf, what colour does it go?"
'Fraid not, joined it on its return. My first draft. On my DPC i had asked for any pompey based minesweeper so should have expected the Ark in Guz!!
Sounds about right,went to Collingrad for 12 months after Rot-easy then into boats in 74 until I left in 78.
I have got the Sailing series on video and always good to watch for memory lanes sake.
Sounds as though we did much the same. I went back to Colingrad after the Ark as ship's company then into boats. Courageous, Reso port Onslaught Oberon et al. Left in 87. Just coming up to retirement from the police thanks to a pension carried over.

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