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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BigDZ, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. I was thinking of applying as a Logistics officer but was wondering how difficult the job would be? I mean that as in I'm after a challenge and want something that is stretching and demanding. I've heard rumours that a career in logistics is viewed as a 'soft option'.
    I'm slightly short sighted so I presume I'm barred from most of the other jobs within the Navy?
    Aside from this, I'm in the final year of a physics degree and would be eligible to do a 1 year transfer course to become an engineer which is something I'm interested in. However, this costs around £10k, which is money I don't have. Do you know if the Navy offer any kind of funding bursaries for this kind of thing?

  2. Best thing is to go your local AFCO and ask them mate not many people will know about bursaries as its what they are there for :thumright:
  3. Flano, speak for yourself.
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Flano: Why did it take you only 4 minutes to respond to the original post? 'Cos those that know what they're talking about are taking their time to get the correct relevant information before considering their answer to the question.

    Good tip - do not give advice on something you clearly know nothing about...

    :roll: :oops:
  5. ok but still up to now i have give him more information than the both of you :thumright:

    and i only sugested that he speak to is AFCO as i would not know where to get relivant information about bursaries for converting a physics degree to a engineering.

    sorry for the irrelevant information mate :thumright:
  6. I'm sure Royal would be able to help you out with both of those :thumright:
  7. [/quote]

    Try aplying to Elton John as his "Partner",tht should fit the bill on both counts!
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...because me and Hig are not qualified to advise him! 8O
  9. no your not. I find ninja_stoker very in the knowledge zone, you provide more information than a blank road sign pointing all directions.
  10. This coming from someone who isn't even good enough to be the stump that used to be a road sign. Matt, you rank with Chico and Flano as the purveyors of the most useless opinions offered.
  11. peoples opinions vary, but nobodys opinion actually matters, I only ask for advice..... I know what this is all about and why you lot are being like this with me, BECAUSE OF MY SEXUALITY!! well its pathetic I thought you would not treat me any different
  12. WTF

    Why would you ask someone for advice if you don't value their opinion?

    Opinions vary, yours are irrelevant, many people here only offer theirs when they are talking on a subject they know something about, and thus their opinions are worth listening to.

    BTW, I've just read your last edit, and must admit I know nothing of your sexuality. I dislike you because you are an arse, not 'cos you shag them!
  13. BigDZ
    You can join as an Engineer Officer with a physics degree - we have just changed the requirement. As you have received no University sponsorship, you may also be eligible for a £12k joining bonus as well as a starting salsry of at least £28,216-correct 1 Apr 08.
    Contact your local AFCO with this info and they will assign you an ACLO (Area Careers Liaison Officer).
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck
  14. :rofl: :thumright:
  15. joeucrow you do god damn know, victimisation that is, everybody who does it denies it all the time. Its pathetic
  16. I have no interest in your sexuality, and until you mentioned it here, I was unaware of it. If you were to ask any of my homosexual (and here, I'm jumping to conclusions) colleagues (and there are a few), you should find that I have no prejudices towards anyone because of their sexual predilections.

    And stop acting like a drama queen.
  17. Right, ok you have just put my point to rest, which maybe you did not realise after your replied to that message I left about sexuality... I never said I was gay and allthough you now have figured about jumping to conclusions it was a point I was trying to make, sometimes people take things a whole different way on here
  18. Do you mind me asking WTF are you on about??
  19. No course I dont

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