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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Zac1990, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. Well cut a long story short ...
    I started my royal navy application in April 2009 i was going to go in as a Aircraft handler. So i passed all the Test went up scotland passed my medical and PJFT. Then i rang my Afco up january 2010 and was told the waiting list had gone up to 18 months for the job, and rougthy May time i phoned the Afco up again just being nosey to see if they had heard anything and then was told the waiting list now for that job was 36 months :( But then my recruiter said to be if you take your psychometric test again ill beable to choose a diferent job.
    So after a week or so revising i resat it again and got a better job choice decided to go in as a - Engineering tech - WE - SM. Then was told i had to do My PJFT and The MOD clearence fourm again. Filled all them out passed the PJFT and handed them in gave them all to my recruiter.
    Ive been told the waiting list for the job i want is rougthly 18 months. I understand HMS Raleigh isnt taking no new reuiters until May this year.

    Finaly to the question ...
    Job choice waitin list is rougthly 18 months. And i have been waiting in total just short of 22 months.
    All i can get from my recruiter is dont worry your be close to the top of the waiting list because of the time you have been in the system

    Can anybody give me a bit better Info on how id fit in the list and would it be this year or next year i start. One of the young guys sat on the desk in the Afco said she wouldnt of gave me my PJFT and Mod Clearence fourm again if it wasnt going to be within a year because they have already ran out once.

    Sorry if this is the wrong section for this, Think it is :(
  2. I think the reply you'll get on here is that at the moment it literally is a waiting game and no-body really knows how long it will be before you get to go to HMS Raleigh.

  3. Im use to it now been 22 months, was just hoping somebody would beable to help a bit
  4. Wait for N_S or SM to comment to get an answer, They are the Career Advisors after all.
  5. There was a thread from Ninja_Stoker (an AFCO that posts invaluable advice) somewhere on the newbie section about waiting times and if you scroll through it you will see that waiting times have increased unfortunately but it may give you some idea of current waiting times. Blame it on the SDSR or the increased number of people wanting to join .....take your pick but in reality the best person to advise you (and I doubt they will know as it's like asking how long a peice of string is) is your own AFCO. If I can find it I'll post a link to it for you.

    Its hard waiting for that letter / phone call but it will be worth it.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think that the latest advice was that no one could tell give you any idea of dates or waiting lists at this time. You could spend your time on gender recognition.
  7. You noticed that as well then!!
  8. As you have time to do this it might kill a few hours.
    The fact you are now applying for submarines kills any urgency though, they really ain't that fussy about the kind of sex they get.:profileright::profileright::toothy10:

    I predict a quicker response to this than 18 months.:toothy10:

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